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Geopolitical Overview of Nacrad's World [OOC]

By now, having read through quite a few factbooks on Nacrad, and (hopefully) having more of a grasp on Nacrad's universe, one might start to wonder: what kind of countries are there in Nacrad's universe? Well, I'll go one higher. In this factbook, you'll learn about the basics of the geopolitical situation in Nacrad's universe.

In a nutshell, Nacrad's universe is highly unstable, and is fractured amongst 3 poles, basically a cold war on steroids. They namely are the United States, the USSR and India, who represent the democratic nations (NATO, SEATO and EU depending on region), the communists (Comintern) and the fascists (The Bund). However, smaller regional organisations, most notably the Arab League, do exist outside the trichotomy. Below, the aforementioned 3 major alliances are represented by different shades of blue, red and yellow, while the Arab League will be represented with purple tints, and neutral ones in green.


Asia is probably the continent in which this universe differs from the real world the most. Generally speaking, the USSR is back (crab dance, or not), and takes all of the Caucasian countries, and all of the -stan countries except for Afghanistan and Pakistan. In addition, one other major change is that the Sino-Soviet Split was mended, which I suppose is going to happen anyways IRL but was interrupted with the USSR falling to bits.

East and Southeast Asia

Of the different Asian regions, East and Southeast Asia (IRL China, Japan, the Koreas and ASEAN)'s changes perhaps would bring the largest source of entertaining petty insults between nations world tension. Starting from north to south, the first change is that North Korea is openly aided by the USSR and China, meaning that it's poor military is less bad than IRL.

However, the first territorial change comes in the form of a balkanised China, roughly along the Yangtze River. While in real life the Chinese Civil War forced the Republic of China to flee to Taiwan, in my universe, their defeat was substantially less, only being pushed south of the Yangtze and then some. It is an ally of Nacrad, with its capital at Chengdu, and frequently engages in standoffs with the PRC.

Lying south of the RoC is of course Nacrad, the main area of which encompasses IRL Hong Kong, Guangdong, Fujian and Taiwan, but it has recently conquered Kongsi, which is the IRL Jiangxi romanised alternatively. Macau is still a Portuguese possession.

Indochina is where things go back to normal for a little, with countries like Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar (still called Burma in my timeline) within SEATO, a pro-US organisation. However, weirdness once again returns, when the IRL countries of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste (or East Timor, you choose) are replaced with Imperial Majapahit. It is worth noting that SEATO is not an anti-communist organisation -- Vietnam and Laos are still communist de jure, but is an anti-Comintern organisation. No, it isn't SACTO either.

South and Central Asia

With the hot mess on the Pacific Coast tackled, we encounter more instability in South and Central Asia, i.e. the IRL -stan countries, Pakistan, India and Iran (Editor's note: More instability and perpetual wars are to come in Western Asia) (P.S. Africa too, if I can be bothered enough to make that map). Politically, this area is dominated by communists and fascists, with the USSR eating up the -stans except Pakistan and Afghanistan, and India pulling a British Raj and eating up Pakistan. Sandwiched between Tibet (and thus SEATO) and India is Nepal, who is neutral.

Located at the crossroads between the Indians and the Russians is Afghanistan, which is in real life a hot mess. It is no different in my universe, with it being hacked up into 3, respectively communist, democratic and Jihadist (yes, Taliban is still around). The democratic one currently controls Kabul.

Middle East

And now we arrive at the Middle East, which is one of the least stable regions of the world, overshadowed by not only the Comintern-NATO-Bund rivalry, but also the Saudi-Iran rivalry and the Sunni-Shia split.

The Caucasian countries, namely Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia (the country), are in the USSR, with all the fun racial tensions that comes with it. Might decide to give them a huge civil war a la IRL, but tbh I'm too busy to be managing another war.

Moving southwards, we have Turkey (in my European map, it's Turkey & Occupied Cypriot Territories), who is a fascist collaborator, as with Iran. And you know what they'll do with the Middle East.

And now, Iraq and Syria. Sigh let's go. Syria is the less stable of the two, itself split into two. In the north is the Syrian Democratic Forces, aka Rojava, aka Syrian Kurds. It is sponsored by NATO. It controls the northeast of Syria, and even holds Raqqa, and is fighting against the Bund/Comintern coalition supported Bashar al-Assad Government. Being surrounded by the Bund and its collaborators on all sides, little but almost assured US invasion is stopping the Bund from going all in.

Iraq, while seemingly stable on the map, is anything but. In the northern Kurdish regions, the Kurds are still vying for independence, the demand of which is supported by NATO. In addition, ISIL is still a problem in the southwest, and it is a nuisance, but Mapchart won't let me highlight parts of a province so it won't show up, same case with ISIL in Syria. It is sponsored by the Bund, and is practically a puppet of Iran.

And that is all of Asia, right? Right? Nope. The torture doesn't stop as we move away from Syria and Iraq, or what is left of them. On the Mediterranean coast lies Lebanon and Israel, both of them fairly pro-US. However, there is one thing that Israel did, which may offend Palestinians. Israel has occupied the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Things are relatively normal with the Arabian countries, until we encounter Yemen. Houthis, which are sponsored by Iran, have been in a brutal civil war with the other Yemen, which is sponsored by Saudi Arabia, who is not friendly to the US due to the Second Carthagean War with New Carthagea and allies. Regardless, even in this twisted world, the Iran-Saudi proxy wars are still going hot.


Note: Berlin is split between East and West Germany. Mapchart doesn't allow me to split Berlin.
My world's Europe is vaguely based on that of the Cold War. The Iron Curtain still stands, and the Balkans fell apart. Western Europe is practically the same as IRL, but parts of France, Italy and Spain would give way to New Carthagea. In addition, the Brexit referendum did not pass. Western Europe is probably the most boring stable part of my world, with them all being democratic states.

Chaos once again returns in the Balkans (As if it was ever not chaos), however, as it always will. In the Yugoslav Wars, Serbia became a fascist dictatorship and went ahead to build Greater Serbia.

FYRO Macedonia is forcibly made a state of the new fascist Yugoslavia led by Serbia.

Additionally, Turkey has eaten up the whole of Cyprus, and Kosovo is still vying for independence from Greater Serbia.

Note: This map is misleading. The US doesn't look nearly as clean as this map makes it out to be, as you shall plainly see.

The Americas has few communist regimes, with most being "democratic" or fascist. Canada is boring like IRL so let's skip.

The US controls more territory than it does IRL. In addition to Puerto Rico, it also holds Panama, not just the canal zone, after Operation Just Cause. It is an unincorporated organised territory, much like Puerto Rico. However, it has as of late January 2021 fallen apart into two, between the elected US Federal Government (led by Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden) and the National Awakening Council (led by Donald Trump and Mike Pence), the latter of which was formed in a coup d'etat committed by Donald Trump. The US Federal Government is backed by both the UN and NATO, while the NAC is backed by the Bund (remember them?)

The Caribbean and Central America is basically IRL. Nothing of note here.

South America is similar yet foreign. While most of the states we know but don't love today are still here, most of northern South America is taken up by Langenia which is a vaguely pro-US Catholic theocratic dictatorship. Chile and Argentina are full on fascist, allied with the Bund, and Argentina has disputes with the British over the Falklands Islands.

The Federal Republic of Nacrad