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Enemy Intel - European Union

Europäische Union

CN: 欧(歐)洲联(聯)盟
JP: 欧州連合
AR: لِاتِّـحادُ الُأورُوبيّ
EN: European Union

Flag of the European Union

LinkEurope's Falangist March

Berlin, Germany

Official languages:
English, German, French, Finnish, Spanish
Recognized Languages: None

Religion: None (Formally)
Catholicism (Informally)

Demonym: European

Government: Falangist Presidential Autocratic Stratocracy

Area: 4,233,262 km2
Density: 106/km2

Population: 447,706,209

Currency: European Mark

Time zone: UTC to UTC +2

Drives on the: Right/Left

Calling code: Various

The European Union, or EU, is as of 2023, a Falangist-dominated Autocratic Stratocracy, headed by its treacherous President Norman Fitzgerald after rising through ranks by gathering a following of Falangist supporters, it is the pioneer of strategic defenses, artillery bombardment, weather control, seismic disruption, and mechanized assault. It was once an egalitarian democratic federation during 2013, offering shelter to refugees of the GLA War. It was gutted from the inside by GLA sympathizers as well as other problems, such as civil unrest, ethnic wars, and soaring-high crime rates.

The current incarnation of the European Union came to be when the 2014 Falangist re-awakening occurred, where an ideology nearly unheard before, Neofalangism, which originated from Spain, swept through Europe like a tidal wave, and was spread singlehandedly by one man, Norman Fitzgerald, a former EUDF soldier, who visited Spain and got hooked on Neofalangism, especially after the GLA War. The Reawakening was caused by the aftermath of the GLA War sweeping through the Union, with millions upon millions of Europeans starting to blame Arabs for the destruction of their homes.

The European Union focuses its money on unethical at best technologies, such as the Weather Control Device under the hands of General James, or the Tremor Artillery Cannon under the command of General Richtofen, the military is often the one that receives most of this zany and weird technology, Education, Agriculture, and other related fields are forced to rely on hand-me-downs from the EUAF.

The EUAF encompasses most of Europe, Eastern Europe included bar Russia and Kaliningrad, the EU also controls parts of North Africa after its "Expanding the Fatherland" policy was put into effect, effectively giving the EU a go-ahead signal for genocide of the local North African people, the worst ones to suffer from this were Morrocans, as their home was razed to the ground ten times by the elite Guardia Civil.


Cold War

2013 War on the GLA
During the 2013 GLA War, the EU remained inactive for most of the war, only taking in refugees by luring them in with promises of free food and shelter, the problems were that the EU's overacceptance of refugees lead to easy GLA infiltration via ethnic conflicts, a sky-high crime rate, civil unrest, and lots of riots. The EU remained steadfast even as it was becoming clearly obvious that this stance of refugee acceptance wasn't going to work. And eventually passed a law that unified the EU into one "Progressive" Federation, which attempted to please the various ethnic groups, this did not work, as it instead caused more civil unrest than expected.

However, by late-GLA War, the EU soon started to collapse under the weights of itself and GLA infiltration, then, one day, while the EU wasn't prepared, the GLA snuck a nuclear bomb into Berlin, detonating it and killing Angela Merkel, a politician in the former German nation, alongside several more EU politicians, after the EU was thrown into chaos, the GLA struck, and took advantage of the abundance of different ethnic groups to essentially start a massive insurrection.

The "Terrorist Insurrection" overwhelmed the newly-made European Union Defense Force, cutting them off from supply lines and getting slaughtered out on the streets, and it only grew worse with each passing day, as more and more people joined the insurrection, with the weakened EUDF unable to do anything, the EU were eventually forced to call in the Chinese for assistance, and it slowly but surely started looking hopeful.

Then the Chinese barged in and started flinging Nuclear Missiles around the continent trying to eradicate the GLA, despite their best attempts, the EU could not convince China to stop the nuclear weapons, the only response from China they got was the diplomat sent to arrange talks with the PLA being executed on live camera, China's blatant disregard for safety triggered an anti-Sino wave that would eventually affect the Neofalangist Reawakening alongside anti-Americanism, Russophobia, and general fascism that depicted anyone not European as "evil, baby-eating, oppressive mass murderers".

When the GLA War ended, the damage had been done, the EU was in total shambles due to the insurrection, and eventually the USA pulled itself into isolationism, above all that, the GLA, out of spite, contaminated the Rhine River with thousands of gallons of chemical and biological waste, poisoning the Rhine region for 107 years, and drowning several cities in hazardous materials.

The EU were forced to take loans from China in order to rebuilt, and were deeply disgusted at the thought of China, who, when nuke-happy, bombed Europe's cities to all hell, but they would rebuild, and then, life was starting to go back to normal until 2014 hit.

2014 Falangist Reawakening

2021-2022 EU-America War

2023 World War 3