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SC Analysis: 'Commend Northrop-Grumman'

The proposed commendation seeks to commend the nation of Northrop-Grumman for their contributions to NationStates through the creation of various indexes and storing of information, the proposal also makes reference to the NS 'Dark Theme' which cannot be directly inferred under the Security Council rules. The WA Office issues no recommendation on this proposal but has attached a number of opinions below.

Opinions in Favor
The Northern Light posted the following in their recommendation:

The nominee's stewardship of multiple decade-old indexes and registries is no small feat, and their creation of the dark theme is not a light accomplishment even though mention of it in a proposal is against the SC rules. Although the language of the proposal is somewhat awkward due to a few shoehorned references to the Dark theme, the proposal is well-organized and well-written overall.

Aumeltopia, former delegate and current council of regional security member of The South Pacific commented the following on their WA voting rmb:

Creating the dark theme is a pretty major achievement. Those here who are talking about how the commendation is "only about one archive" or whatever... the main thing being alluded to with all the light/dark references is the NS site theme that Northrop-Grumman created.

Opinions in Opposition
HumanSanity, the delegate of 10000 Islands commented the following on discord:

I'm not super committed one way or the other on this one. It's clear that N-G's biggest contribution to the site is the Dark Theme, but also the Dark Theme is illegal to reference under SC rules. As a result, the resolution itself is reading as insubstantial and their contributions as insufficient. As a result, I'm leaning AGAINST. However, I voted For Condemn The Free Joy State in spite of the limitations the author had in actually explaining things due to SC rules, so it's possible I could be convinced here as well.

Other Opinions
Chimes, WA Officer Chimes argued the following on our own regional forum:

Eh. This proposal is an interesting one, and indeed the making of the dark theme is notable but Iím not sure if its suitable for Security Council commendation necessarily. I do think some of the other clauses, in particular the ones in relation to record keeping do have promise though and the nominee is certainly unique in a number of regards, Iím just not sure it enough in terms of international impact.

Abstain, for now.

The Rejected Realms WA Office issues NO RECOMMENDATION on "Commend Northrop-Grumman"