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Welcome to the Official Website of Greater Cyngland

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Welcome to Greater Cyngland! We are happy to see your interest in our region, or if you are already here, in our history!

Welcome, friends, to Greater Cyngland. NationStates' hottest and fastest-growing new region!

Founded on June 4th, 2020, Greater Cyngland is the best place for conservative-minded fellows to call home.

This young region is full of opportunities. Getting involved is easy! We don't require you to sign up for an offsite forum or join our Discord server. Anyone who wants to see this region grow and prosper can make their voice heard. As a member of Greater Cyngland, you get to shape its destiny. Feel free to leave any suggestions on how the region should be run, we are always looking for feedback! In the meantime, introduce yourself, meet your fellow leaders, make yourself at home!

Current RPs:

Medieval - The Lonely Peak of a Forgotten Mountain

Embassy Raid! - Abbeyverne


Constitution Draft-off:

Cyng - Dispatch pinned.

Abbeyverne -