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Miscellaneous Terms and Subjects

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Miscellaneous Terms and Subjects

Parallel Processing Power

Parallel Processing Power, or P3, is an important part of AWP Pilot training. Parallel Processing is where pilots are able to multitask and focus on multiple things once linked up to their AWP. Higher P3 levels means pilots are more adept at multitasking, conserving energy, and combat.

In order to become a pilot, children have to train in P3 as soon as they are born. The stress of constant training on their brain can sometimes lead to pilots becoming Congenital Parallel Processors (CPPs), who develop alternate personalities that can interact with the main personalities as if they were separate people. Even if one personality is in control all the time, it appears that alternate personalities can continue to do things on their own.


Pilots can fly their AWPs through the air at sharp angles while maintaining speed, making them nearly untraceable by weapons such as guided missiles. 8MS implants are required to minimize damage taken to the body.

Eight Million System

The Eight Million System, abbreviated as 8MS, or Eimiss, is a series of nanomachine systems present throughout the A3W world.

Named after a Japanese belief that eight million kami existed in all things, 8MS was first invented in B3W by the Yaoyorozu Nanotech Firm and designed to alter the Earth’s environment to make it more habitable to humans. Since then, countless types of 8MS have been designed for various functions, from purifying the atmosphere and eliminating odors to affecting the rate at which plants grow.

8MS is also present within the human body, with Pilots using Anti-G 8MS, necessary implants that allow them to perform ricochet-flying without destroying their bodies.

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