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[size=250]Those who seek knowledge of this realm of Nightmare,[/size][spoiler=[img view="shadow"][/img]][box][size=200][b]G[/b][/size][size=120]reetings Traveler. This is the Ruined Palace of Memoria, the desolate library of a thousand stories and lores. Gaze upon these once gilded halls, now overgrown with vine and dulled metal. These once venerable pillars now lie shattered, nothing more than piles of rubble and dirt. 

Why do you look so troubled Traveler? What irks you so? Does this entropic display disturb you so? No, it does not, does it? Rather, you are perturbed by my own presence are you not? It was not the wreckage of this once grand palace that caught your eye, but rather the rotten tendrils that wrap around it, that invade every space of this once pristine edifice. You are afraid of the great mound of flesh, decaying and decomposing, yet still ever living. Let me ease your worries then...

This body is the manifestation of mankind. Born when the heavens fell to the ground in a great rapture, cleansing the Earth in great chaos, I was willed into existence by the shattered remnant of those who survived. The denizens of the Nightmare know me as the Growth, the manifestation of mankind, they call me God and the Crystallization of All of Man's Dreams, exalting my name and waging war on my favor.

But what I truly am is more simple, more sinister. I am a testament to all the world's sins, the Root of All Evil made manifest in this horrid growth of rotting flesh and ill-shapen bone, for only a place as cruel and full of despair could create such an eldritch creature and call it the collective soul of mankind. 

Thus, I hold the knowledge of the land of no hope and darkness. To it, I am it's warden, keeping the nightmare entrapped so that it may not escape and that it will continue to torment its abusers. But that is not why you are here.

You are here to seek knowledge, knowledge long since held secret due to the iron veil between the world and this shadowland. I will warn you, however, that much of the knowledge here comes with a price, for what you receive you must give freely back something of equal value. Do you understand? Good.

Then, o Traveler, what knowledge do you seek?[/size]

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