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by The Intergalactic Union of Pancanawe Republic. . 158 reads.


Nations had begin to travel deep inside of Space as now the Galaxy had been discovered one of the planets Xishad is now colonize

Red= Pancanawe Union
Yellow= Fluttershyian
Purple= Sakiria
Tan= Trashkanistan73
Green= The Greenlandic North
Cyan= ImperialRussia
Orange= Epiree

Colony Name:
PU: SER-300
FN: New Ponyland
SK: Pwørasidad
TKN: BoogaLond
TGN: Kastera
IR: The New Imperial Russian Colony
EPE: Litula


Under Commander High Gen. Tuka Lana Marceu (Elf Female) she is going to lead the expedition to Xishad
Gen. Celina Qinan is in Charge of leading 1 000 000 Unionist army
there are 10 Company Commanders who are in charge of Operation Coloniting A
Under Commanding Army
Asokan Company:
Commander: Imra Craren (F) (100 000)
Bard Company:
Commander: Cremia Glyntoris (F) (100 000)
Cobra Company:
Commander: Maeralya Jocan (M) (100 000)
Decima Company:
Commander: Delsaran Lianala (M) (100 000)
Emice Company:
Commander: Laiex Farharice (M) (100 000)
Faruq Company:
Commander: Faelyn Umemaris (M) (100 000)
Garleman Company:
Commander: Lushia Mira (F) (100 000)
Hammer Company:
Commander: Pyria Bimenor (F) (100 000)
Mafia Company:
Commander: Siveril Inaris (M) (100 000)
Apple Company:
Commander: Mirthal Valran (M) (100 000)

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The military that have been deployed are
The Midnight Company
General: Smoky (M)
Vice General: Sugar Cube (F)
Liutenant General: Emerald Mask (M)
Captain: Comet Flash (M)
Liutenant: Diamond Blossom (F)
the SB-Unicorn Division: 20000 Units Under Commander: Scarlet Harmony (F)
SH-Pegasi Division 25000 Units Under Commander Dapper Force (M)
JH-Pegasi Division 25000 Units under commander Fluffy Star (M)
5 Genesis Under the commander Shadow Flower (F)
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As everybody has known, Sakiria is establishing a colony on Xishad, so it's going to need a force to protect it.

Espatiers le Sakirie Army:
130,000 (25,000 in reserve)

Equipped with:
B-type LAR-15
L-type 9mm Piercer Pistol
OSX-1 Visor

Combat Androids:
A-type Iono-class
S-type Scavenger-class
C-type Estrelja-class

All of these androids look completely human as to raise acceptance of them among their human peers.

Espatiers le Sakirie Navy:
Kepler-class destroyer
(Kepler, Rodneia, Copernica, Galilei)
Stella-class cruiser
(Stella, Sirius, Apollo, Regius, Polaris)
Galaxi-class dreadnought
(Andromeda, Milky Way)
Espatiers le Sakirie Air Force:
SF-4 Starfighter (7,000 serving active and 1,000 in reserve)
SB-6 Starbomber (4,000 serving active and 1,000 in reserve)

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Trashkanistan space force is composed of a fleet of 7 StarCrusaders.

Each is armed with 20 rail Guns, 10 orbital strike launchers, 6 military drop pods, 20 space 50.s, and 2 Orbital Cannon.
Each has 1 crew bay(100 crew members) 2 armories, 6 soldier bays(150 soldiers for each, each bay leads to a drop pod)

A new Starship is being developed to carry 4 StarCrusaders on its sides to bring them into Faster than light travel.

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To protect Kastera we have sent 2500 heavy tanks led by CDR. Velkarite (f)
12500 Deployers led by CPT. Alskena (m)
12500 Shockwave led by COL. Gmyjn (m)
12500 Advancers COL. Flojker (m)
12500 Women Regiment COL. Kerts (f)
and 5 bombers (we are not sure if gravity works yet) led by LTC. Swefger
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-ImperialRussia Russian armed colony defense force total 4,000,000 250,000-KA-65 Howler Gunships
300,000-KV-20 Spetsnaz Guard artillery
150,000-BTR-112 Cockroach IVFS
50,000-MAZ-660 King Spiders 400,000-T-100 Ogre main battle tanks of the Spetsnaz Guard Brigade 100,000-Tarantula transport helicopters 400,000-Single-seat multi-role jet fighters 200,000-Locust infantry transport helicopters 150,000-armed UAVS 1,000,000-Spetsnaz Guard Brigade Engineers heavy equipment 1,000,000-Russian Spetsnaz Guard Brigade Wolves Riflemen
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The military protection of Litula consists of:

150,000 armed soldiers
5,000 heavy tanks
5,000 light tanks
50 anti-tank turrets
100 anti-aircraft turrets

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