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Sakiria's Space Force/Espatiers of Sakiria

As everybody has known, [nation]Sakiria[/nation] is establishing a colony on Xishad, so it's going to need a force to protect it.

Espatiers le Sakirie Army:
130,000 (25,000 in reserve)

Equipped with:
B-type LAR-15 
L-type 9mm Piercer Pistol
OSX-1 Visor

Combat Androids:
A-type [i]Iono[/i]-class
S-type [i]Scavenger[/i]-class
C-type [i]Estrelja[/i]-class

[i]All of these androids look completely human as to raise acceptance of them among their human peers.[/i]

Espatiers le Sakirie Navy:
[i]Kepler[/i]-class destroyer
(Kepler, Rodneia, Copernica, Galilei)
[i]Stella[/i]-class cruiser
(Stella, Sirius, Apollo, Regius, Polaris)
[i]Galaxi[/i]-class dreadnought
(Andromeda, Milky Way)
[i]Pioneer[/i]-class battlecruiser
(Rayleigh, Curie, Hervery, Langley)
Espatiers le Sakirie Air Force: 
SF-4 Starfighter (8,000 serving active and 1,000 in reserve)
SB-6 Starbomber (6,000 serving active and 1,000 in reserve)