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What is Glimpusmen:
Glimpusmen is a media franchise created by video game developer LoadLord Interactive that has become the top selling game franchise in Corindia. The games place the player in the world of Glimpusmen, where they can collect, trade, and battle a wide variety of monsters known as "Glimpos". These Glimpos come in many forms, some of which transform into other Glimpos in a process known as "Reglimpifying" after the Glimpo has won enough battles, been traded to a friend, or other conditions that can be met. Both children and adults alike are obsessed with adding every Glimpo to their Glimpfolio, and the capture and reglimpification of many rare Glimpos has become the subject of extreme speculation.

List of known Glimpo Species:

Gailden, the gaidu Glimpo

Khaski, the yak Glimpo

Packhang, the Magarati Glimpo
Reglimpifies from Khaski after losing enough battles

Egglin, the egg Glimpo

Torkey, the screeching bird Glimpo
Reglimpifies from Egglin after winning battles

Sadfish, the sad Glimpo

Madfish, the vengeful Glimpo
Reglimpifies from Sadfish after emotional turmoil

Gladfish, the peaceful Glimpo
Reglimpifies from Madfish after emotional fulfillment

Armee, the weight-lifting Glimpo

Enarmous, the jacked Glimpo
Reglimpifies from Armee after several hours of intense weightlifting

Seeyagator, the alligator Glimpo

Marleen, the slippery Glimpo

Shellaby, the pinchy Glimpo

Molehusk, the digging snail Glimpo

Katnap, the sleepy Glimpo

Jellbone, the bone Glimpo

Anteefa, the riot Glimpo

Antarky, the revolution Glimpo
Reglimpifies from Anteefa after being traded

Bannaleef, the unripe Glimpo

Nanafroot, the delicious Glimpo
Reglimpifies from Bannaleef after three weeks

Overrot, the compost Glimpo
Reglimpifies from Nanafroot after one day

Nosteppy, the snake Glimpo

Magadder, the boot Glimpo
Reglimpifies from Nosteppy after being given a boot

Basker, the basking Glimpo