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Callsign: Reaper Seven

LYNX System Terminal

SYS: >>Accessing file - Callsign: Reaper Seven


Reaper Seven

Reaper Seven

Identification Details

Name: Gunhild Gustafsson

Titles: Storming Beauty

General Information

Gender: Female

Nationality: AOU Sweden

Occupation: AWP Pilot

Affiliation: Reaper Squadron
AOU Combined Military Level 4 Heavy Military Research Center


From AOU Sweden.

A member of the 13th Advanced Walking Panzer Squadron "Reaper Squadron", of the AOU Combined Military Level 4 Heavy Military Research Center.

During her 3-year-old childhood health examination, she had average P3 levels, so she was removed from the Selective Training Course. However, thanks to Acquired PP Training she took later on, her levels rose dramatically.

Though she was selected as a candidate at the extremely late age of 12, the growth of her mental power didn't stop there, and she became one of Northern Europe's top aces thanks to effort, rather than talent.

The AOU Combined Military's Advanced Walking Panzer Command Center granted her the position of Counselor's Special Assistant, with the right to speak at the Research Development Council for PP Training Methods.


Gunhild has blue eyes and green hair tied into long twin pigtails. She wears a blue collar, a black vest over a half-jacket and skirt, and black knee-high socks and boots.


Gunhild tends to act sarcastic towards her friends and has a high sense of responsibility. She also swears a lot and talks very fast when excited.


Reaper Squadron - Squad mates

Special Abilities

Warzone 8MS Observation: Thanks to 8MS, she's able to observe both friends and foes across the warzone and analyze the battle situation. She can share this information with her comrades, and thanks to her parallel processing, this doesn't force her to neglect her role of offering them combat support.

All-Rounder: Because she can do anything skillfully and flawlessly, she can switch position with anyone in battle, taking their place.

PP Training Methods: She's capable of serving as an instructor for P3 Improvement Training aimed at those with low P3 levels. Some people have actually become AWP Pilots thanks to her instruction, and most of the trainees adore her.


Gunhild hails from AOU Sweden, born in a factory. She wasn't born with the same innate P3 levels Miyao and Jayden had, so she worked hard to become a Pilot.


In terms of speech patterns, Gunhild is the most polite, however, she also swears a lot and talks really fast when fired up.

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