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FA Councillor Statement on 10000 Islands

[centre][size=200]Statement on 10000 Islands[/size][/centre][hr]


Those of you who have been hanging around our Discord or on the forum for a little bit have probably met HS (EmojiTheft in the region, but his main is HumanSanity). While he has been in the region for a bit now as a friend, he and I have also been talking about Foreign Affairs considerations for a few months now. And today, I’m happy to bring you the product of those talks- the final embassy recommendation of my term!

[region]10000 Islands[/region] (XKI) is a massive and very old region, coming in at just under 1,300 nations as of me writing this. They’re well-known on NationStates for being the home of TITO (the Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organisation), a defender military, and being incredibly active as a political force. Beyond that, they’re also highly interested in a lot of areas we are- cards, community events, World Assembly discussion- and we tend to align in a lot of ways on those interests. Most recently, it was HS and XKI that invited Refugia to the Harry Potter festival that just ended last week. 

XKI also shares a lot of friends with us. They have embassies with Forest, Spiritus, New West Indies, The East Pacific, and Canada. This overlap of communities is one of the major reasons I’ve been looking at them as a potential embassy candidate for the last several months. I think that this will be a fantastic embassy for us, one of the top cultural fits we’ve found outside of the eco-friendliness sphere. 

I am hereby invoking [u]RRS 6b[/u] to call a referendum on the opening of an embassy with 10000 Islands.

[i]Dar'eth Shiral,[/i]
Sylh Alanor
Foreign Affairs Councillor, [region]Refugia[/region]