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Vote For SC resolution Commend Northrop-Grumman

Security Council Vote Recommendation

Part of the Information for WA Voters program

Resolution at Vote: Commend Northrop-Grumman
Vote Recommendation: For

Resolution Analysis
The at-vote proposal seeks to commend the nation of Northrop-Grumman for their creation and maintenance of several expansive and long-standing indexes and registries of information on nations throughout Nationstates. The nominee is also the creator of the Dark theme, which is not mentioned in the proposal due to a rule restriction.

The nominee's stewardship of multiple decade-old indexes and registries is no small feat, and their creation of the dark theme is not a light accomplishment even though mention of it in a proposal is against the SC rules. Although the language of the proposal is somewhat awkward due to a few shoehorned references to the Dark theme, the proposal is well-organized and well-written overall.

For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends voting For the at-vote Security Council proposal, "Commend Northrop-Grumman".

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