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National Civil Guard (WIP)



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Nacia Ĝendarmaro
National Civil Guard


General data

Type : State security forces and bodies
Foundation : January 10, 2021
Jurisdiction: National territory
Country : Nova Kartago
Headquarters : Kartago
Employees : 13,078 officers
General nature : Gendarmerie
Specialist jurisdictions :
- National border patrol,
security, and integrity.
- Coastal patrol, marine
border protection,
marine search and rescue.
- Highways, roads,
and-or traffic.

Operational structure

Overviewed by : Ministry of Interior
Ministry of Defence
Officer responsible : Artemius Septimius
Chancellor of Interior
Parent agency : Directorate-General
of the Civil Guard

National Civil Guard

The National Civil Guard (Esperanto : Nacia Ĝendarmaro) is a New Carthaginian armed institute, one of two national security forces, along with the National Police Corps. As a gendarmerie, it has a military nature and fulfills, among others, police functions, depending on the Ministries of the Interior and Defense It was created on January 10, 2021 by Legislative Decree. It was born due to the need to have a national, strong, professional and widely deployed public security body that would respond efficiently to Nova Kartago's security needs.

To fulfill the task that the Legislative decree entrusts to it, among its main competences are to ensure compliance with the laws and general provisions, maintain and restore, where appropriate, order and citizen security, prevent the commission of criminal acts , investigating crimes to discover and detain the alleged culprits, as well as the exclusive responsibility of monitoring traffic on interurban public roads, interurban transport of prisoners, security of infrastructures such as ports and airports of general interest, security and surveillance of borders and coasts, as well as everything related to regulations on weapons and explosives. It carries out its powers throughout the national territory and its territorial sea, with the exception of the provincial capitals and the municipalities and urban centers that the Government determines that correspond to the National Police Corps. Thus, the National Civil Guard can be found in rural areas as well as in highly populated urban areas. All this makes it one of the most versatile police units in the world.

Likewise, the National Civil Guard is the police force with the largest number of Nova Kartago agents. It also has the largest territorial deployment and number of police powers, among which are both those shared with the National Police Corps or other autonomous police forces (judicial police, terrorism, public order, citizen security, etc.), as well as the exclusive (regulations on weapons and explosives, territorial waters, fiscal protection, airport security, borders, traffic, driving of prisoners, protection of the environment, rescues, etc).

A part (between one third and two fifths) of its agents live in the so-called barracks houses, barracks (of which the National Civil Guard has more than 330 in all of Nova Kartago, due to its vast territorial deployment) that can accommodate both the Police units as the agents' homes (called "pavilonoj"), with the aim of increasing their immediate availability and facilitating their geographical mobility in different destinations.

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