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King Develops Small Rash on Back, Doctors Say it's Reaction to Medication

King Develops Small Rash on Back, Doctors Say it's Reaction to Medication

By Birgit Schlosser; Translated from Fardelshufflesteinian
Saturday, 9 January 2021

Western Fardelshufflestein National released a statement around 4:30 am Saturday that HRM King Alastair has a small rash on the left side of his lower back. It was discovered in the middle of the night when he awakened, complaining of an itching, burning sensation; doctors were called in, fearing the worst.

Fortunately, his symptoms were not severe. Liver failure was ruled out as a possibility after a series of tests, as were measles and other pathogenic skin conditions. His doctors concluded that his rash was an allergic reaction to one of his medications of a combination of them, meaning that at least one dosage will have to be changed or stopped.

The team in charge of prescribing and monitoring his medications is busy reviewing each prescription's components and potential side effects. As of yet, they have not found the culprit. Though it is believed the King's rash is caused by an allergy, the notion that he could be on too high a dosage of something is not ruled out. He is on very high doses for several medicines, putting him at increased risk for accidental overdose.

However, many of these medicines are crucial in saving Alastair's life. Misidentifying the cause of his rash could lead to catastrophic consequences. He needs these medications to combat his cirrhosis and improve his liver functions; without them, he is almost certain to die.

At the moment, his rash is not serious or life-threatening, but time is of the essence to ensure this never becomes the case. Early detection and intervention is vital in curtailing his rash and potentially keeping him alive.

He has not been transferred to the ICU, but he will need to be if the rash spreads more. His doctors are not willing to risk his life even more when he is already so weak and sick. They are already concerned about his delicate condition; he is healing very slowly, and he isn't able to perform basic occupational and motor tasks by himself. A severe rash could trigger a catastrophic reaction, which, in the King's state, would be fatal.

Currently, the King is beginning to undergo treatment for his rash. The Queen is taking the day off to be with with him, and HRH Prince Wilhelm is assuming control of the country for the day. Both of them are optimistic this will be a minor setback in the King's path to recovery, but the utmost caution must be taken to prevent further complications.