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Region of the Week: The Communist Bloc

[floatright][img][/img][/floatright]FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

[i]Contact Information (Discord): Baobab#3856[/i]

(Europeia, 07/01/2020) - Region of the Week marks a week celebrating and developing friendships 
with other regions. Throughout the week, games and events are held.

The event began on December 28 and lasted until January 3. The event was
 held during New Years and Culture Minister Lime started off the event 
with a get to know you VC on Sunday.

The games played during the week were (in order) Secret Hitler, Cards 
Against Humanity, which many considered the most fun game of the event,, Among us, Trivia which was hosted by two hosts (Rotasu and 
Baobab) and finished off with some more fun rounds of Among us.

Europeia and The Communist Bloc share a Pact of Mutual Non-Aggression 
and Friendship that was signed in 2018 under then-President HEM.

When asked about our relations with The Communist Bloc, President 
Pichtonia said "The Communist Bloc and us have enjoyed treaties and good
 relations for many years now. We enjoyed this opportunity to make those
 treaties come to life, and both regions agreed that we need to do 
something like this more often."

We thank The Communist Bloc for celebrating New Year's with us, and hope the best for them!


More news from the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation available here: [url=][/url]

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