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Hello my friends, I am your Minister of Defense, Phoenix.

2020 has been a rough year for many around the world. We saw a lot of craziness that seems to be spilling into 2021 already, but, for every bad thing, there is a good thing. SPSF has shown itself to have grown in size, pulling 9 updaters for the Warzone Australia operation, and 15 different warm bodies for the most recent big liberation attempt. We have defended countless regions with our friends in arms. It has been an amazing year and I'm proud to have been able to be the Minister of Military Affairs/Minister of Defense for part of it.

However, I come with grave news. I have caught Linkfrivolous spending amongst the soldiers, and must expose it.

Komodo Dragon trap - 100 Drama Llamas
Dragon - 5 Trillion Drama Llamas
Dragon care supplies - 2 Trillion Drama Llamas
Hiring someone to hire someone to pet a cat - 2 Billion Drama Llamas
Phoenix - 180 Billion Drama Llamas
Gacha rolls - 1 Million Drama Llamas
Caramel Cookie - 3 Billion Drama Llamas
LinkWhatever this was - 998 Billion Drama Llamas
69,420 gallons of Melicorian Durian Gas - 69,420 Billion Drama Llamas
Random out-of-context quotes - 5 Million Drama Llamas
Countless gallons of SPIT from the Lampshade Bar - 78 QUADRILLION Drama Llamas
50 Gallons of Lemon Pledge - 8 Thousand Drama Llamas
90 hours Chancla-Throwing at raiders - 2 Million Drama Llamas
"Administrative" Expenses - 3 Million Drama Llamas
Fire Extinguishers - 80 Billion Drama Llamas
Rainbow Cake - 2 Million Drama Llamas
"Crying My Best" - 600 Drama Llamas
A mysterious container for the medic - 138 Million Drama Llamas

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have a wonderful day, and I’ll see you all on the battlefield!

And I would also like to take the time to ask that, if you have an interest in helping defend other regions from raiders, please consider joining the SPSF! You can sign up to be part of our Tidal Force by telegramming me. Or, if you are available during Minor and/or Major updates, please consider joining the highly-skilled Tsunami Force by applying in LinkThis thread on our forums! You can also see a full list of missions we've participated in by going to LinkThis Thread!

-Your Minister of Defense, Phoenix