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MegaVerse timeline

1884 CE: Several thousand war refugees arrive into unclaimed lands south of great ameritopia, where they set up a camp.

1885 CE: The territories are declare themselves "The Peace zone" - a war-neutral zone for accepting refugees.

1891 CE: Stone buildings appear in the zone.

1896 CE: The zone is reformed into "The republic of Blupolia" With the directoriate and intelligentsia saloons as it's government.

1899 CE: The constitution of Blupolia is written. Though it has many holes in it and leaves some questions open, it does guarantee equal rights to all men and forbids Blupolia from participating in massive foreign conflicts.

1902 CE: The blue star militia - a defence force, main purpose of which is actually hunting and protecting government officials from terrorists, is formed.

1909 CE: Blupolia proceeds to build up their industrial sector.

1917 CE: Herbert Jatish, who is known for his ignorance and corruption, is elected the director by the intelligentsia. Many question the efficiency of the intelligentsia.

1918 CE: Following Herbert Jatish's signing of the law that allows the corporations to physically abuse the children who work for them, strikes errupt across the country. The blue star militia sides with the people and establish a temporary dictatorship with captain Douglas Henrison at it's head. Though many people fear that a military dictatorship could have negative consequences, those fears are proven unnecesary as Douglas Henrison's first act as the dictator is to repeal the children abuse law.

1919 CE: Douglas Henrison updates the constitution. In it, he states that all the genders and all the races are to be treated equally by both the government and the society. He also outlaws child labor. The nation is renamed into "Novoblupolia".

1920 CE: Douglas Henrison holds the Senate elections - a system, which proves to be much less corrupt than the intelligentsia, as the senators live in the capitals and are being tracked to ensure their integrity and honesty.

1921 CE: "The peaceful purge" - all of the government officials who are proven to have had connection with the passage of the Child Labour Permission act are Publically trialed, fired from the government poitions and forbidden from ever participating in events connected to the government again. None are executed, but many people are sent away with a prohibition of ever coming to Zvezdow again.

1922 CE: In order to hide his alcoholism, Douglas Henrison begins massive social campaigns in Novoblupolia against smoking and alcohol. This would later lead to an economic crisis all over Novoblupolia.

1925 CE: Douglas Henrison updates the declaration of essential rights, and brings the minimum life standard in Novoblupolia to a much higher level. Douglas Henrison announces that he will give up his power in the nearest 5 years.

1927 CE: Improvements are made in social welfare, despite the already weak economic situation. Douglas also cuts the military budget so he can invest more into public education and public healthcare. To make up for the military cut, Novoblupolia established defensive alliances with foreign powers.

1928 CE: Unable to fix the economy, Douglas Henrison peacefully gives up his power and moves to peacefully live the rest of his life in Horsk as a teacher in a public school.

1929 CE: The main political parties are formed: Decembrists, Humanists and Modernists. The first elections are won by the decembrist candidate, Hasuke Notrthes.

1929 CE: Hasuke Northes presidency (Decembrist party). Economic reforms and establishments of foreign relations.

1931 CE: The Novoblupolian Coastal Railway construction. 7 stations are constructed stretching from Whitecrab to Westbear.

1934 CE: Herbert Feroll presidency (Decembrist).

1938 CE: Sarah Gusweil presidency (Modernist). First female president.

1944 CE: Colin Teegrey presidency (Humanist). First black president, inaguration of whom has led to massive protests of the far-right population. Rumor has it that he was poisoned by his fellow party members to calm down the protests without a scandal or brutal force.

1947 CE: June Ryving presidency (Humanist). First elf president. Despite being herself an elf, she pulls back Teegrey's social reforms and sticks to more conservative methods.

1953 CE: Viktor Gogov presidency (Modernist). Massive scientific advancements are made, although many criticize him for writing various threatening letters to scientists and engineers who couldn't get things done right in time.

1957 CE: Succesful testing of atomic bomb.

1960 CE: First Novoblupolian satelite launched into space

1961 CE: Lena Makova presidency(Decembrist). First demihuman president. Governmental crisis - none of her acts can pass the vote due to her poor mental health leading her to breaking down in tears under even the smallest lobbying effort pressure.

1965 CE: First Novoblupolian in space, 3 years later than it was intended under Gogov.

1966 CE: With the space program severely damaging Novoblupolia's economy and the social progress failing under a weak authority of the Decembrist president, the Bastilliard party is formed to propose a hardliner pragmatist solution to Novoblupolian problems.

1968 CE: Trevor Toodle presidency (Bastilliard). Space program spending is cut to a more efficient model, social reforms are forced through the lobbying effort, with various rumors of machinations and even political crimes behind the scenes. Protests of conservatives are brutally supressed. He is also famous for signing the "go ahead" act, providing all the people born in Novoblupolia with a life long n word pass.

1972 CE: First Novoblupolian on the moon

1974 CE: Fiona Johnson presidency (Humanist). Openly criticized the Bastilliard party for their methods and called them "cold", "ruthless" and "uncaring".

1982 CE: Leonardo Risitas presidency (Decembrist). In an attempt to liberalize the market, the Decembrist party ends up as a puppet of several corporations: "rabbit-cola", "Zvezdow Print" and "Dolina enterprise".

1989 CE: Reginald Quireld presidency (Humanist). Social welfare and education reforms adapted to social progress and technological advancement. Humanists and Modernists join forces with Bastilliards to outvote the Decembrists out of the government, which forces the corporations to withdraw money from political investment.

1994 CE: Boris Yamilin presidency (Bastilliard). Corporations are significantly weakened by the government's economic reforms. Transport, Housing and Mining industries are nationalized. Financial investments of corporations to try to increase their influence are brutally supressed. Humanist party loses a significant amount of members as the new "Soviets" party is formed.

1997 CE: Novoblupolia accepts refugees from Katrzynija.

1999 CE: Wilhelm Wool presidency (Decembrist). Novoblupolia finally recovers from political instability and resumes the space program under the bastilliard methods, which Decembrists unsuccesfully attempt to improve, accidentally making things worse. In 3 years, the Bastilliard method is restored.

2006 CE: Mars landing

2007 CE: Valeriy Drinkin presidency (Humanist). The government attepts the legalization of drugs, eventually abandons the idea.

2013 CE: Jane Rickwell presidency (Decembrist). The government inefficiently invests into mass media and IT technology. It is later revealed that the president and her cabinet were spending national budget on their own lifestyle.

2015 CE: Novoblupolia accepts several hundred underage refugees from Kathol Rift.

2016 CE: Percy Jiver presidency (Bastilliard). Jane Rickwell is arrested on charges of corruption while trying to escape from Novoblupolia to her villa in Katrzynija and sentenced to 5 years in prison. Percy Jiver had faked an attempt on his life to significantly increase gun regulations. The amount of mass shootings / gun violence per year decreases by 150 times.

2019 CE: Ahuv Northes presidency (Decembrist).

2020 CE: Socialism PM system establishment by Denis Fewain and Tyrone Rabbit.

2021 CE: Labour Unions seize power in Novoblupolia.