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SC Analysis: Repeal 'Commend The Western Isles'

The proposed repeal seeks to repeal the recently passed comment of the region of The Western Isles, the WA Office is not issuing a recommendation for this proposal, but the delegate as always will vote by the off-site thread as appropriate. The proposed repeal ascertains that the original proposal was of poor quality and that the arguments made were not sufficient for commendation. The WA Office offers the below perspectives to help you decide your vote.

Opinions in Favor
The Northern Light posted the following as part of their recommendation on the proposal being discussed.

This repeal's arguments are compelling and reflect those of the Ministry's (against) IFV on the target resolution. The target commendation relies on abundant fluff to disguise its lack of actual arguments for commending the target region. Making treaties in itself is not commendable. Mentoring new nations and having a forum is also not commendable in itself. The target's actual material is severely limited, and the resolution fails to make a convincing case with what material is actually present.

Author of the proposal Bormiar argued the following on the NS forum:

This replacement thing is very confusing to me. Had things gone our way and the resolution failed, TWI wouldn't be commended and there would be no replacement. So why are they now required to get one immediately?

I understand the problems with the resolution and am perfectly capable of repealing it, but I don't believe I'm the best person to write the replacement. That being said, I contacted an experienced member of the region who showed interest in this repeal and I told them I would help them obtain a replacement that did TWI justice. They told me they believed their regionmates didn't really care about a commendation, as their isolationist philosophy/nature makes it impossible to recognize or respect a WA commendation. With that in mind, I couldn't possibly consider Commend TWI a priority or benefit to anyone.

The Security Council has existed almost 12 years without commending the Western Isles. Seeing that not even the region cares about it, I think we can wait a little longer before commending them again.

Greater Cesnica's draft is a start and certainly gave TWI a lot more publicity than it's used to. I think it's got a good shot at getting replaced soon.

Opinions in Opposition
Refuge Isle, founder of Refugia commented the following in an excerpt from the RMB post below:

The author's decisions to adopt a criticism and use that to change the content of their proposal is no business of the Security Council. The point of the drafting process is to increase a proposal's quality. It is not to pay homage to the powers that be and ensure everyone's back is properly scratched before a topic is submitted. Contrary to the opinions of certain representatives in the SC, I don't actually believe that a topic needs to go into drafting at all. Does it help? Yes, absolutely. But let's say that you are the world's most amazing writer, and you are able to come up with a flawless A++ piece of quality writing. If that goes directly to submission, that's fine with me. Drafting is to the benefit of mechanical construction, not to commentators who wish to have their idea imprinted on the subject.
For the inverse, the author of the target certainly has a much different drafting style than I do, but it is no care of the Security Council and certainly no poor reflection in an author if there are three drafts or three hundred. The goal of all drafting processes is quality and any manner they wish to go about it is valid if it works to that end. It did work to that end, even if it did not ultimately meet expectations. Canonising that process to be in poor taste makes me ill.
Ultimately, the fact that this repeal was submitted without care or consideration to a replacement, where Bormiar had originally said that the commendation was good and should be replaced, and has backpedalled that over time, makes me suspect that the reasoning for the entire repeal is a personal gripe. But that's no concern of mine, I only care about mechanical construction, and the mechanics of this one are pretty yikes to me personally. So I will be voting against.

10000 Islands's WA Secretariat posted the following in their dispatch:

The Western Isles are an embassy region of 10KI and it is not in the regionís interest to repeal their commendation badge. The region has made notable accomplishments in role-playing, such as regional alliances and defense organizations, as outlined in the original commendation. Additionally, some of the clauses of the repeal are harshly written and deliver an attack on the original author.

The Rejected Realms WA Office issues NO RECOMMENDATION on Repeal "Commend The Western Isles".