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by The Labour Unions Association of Novoblupolia. . 146 reads.


ft. The Municipalities of Antarctica, Rockemsockem, The Fallen Clans, Calption, Union of larchian socialist republics and Novoblupolia.

The nations got their first cities. Novoblupolia is isolated which is both good because they don't have to worry about getting invaded, but also bad since they can't use their special ability with friendship yet. MoA will have a lot of sailing to do, while other 4 civs are sharing a single continent.

The civilizations have expanded a little, and we can now see who leads the world in which spheres. Novoblupolia is mostly focused on science, Calption spends a lot of money on culture, while MoA, Fallen Clans and Larchia are building up strong navies and sre preparing to colonize other lands. Rockemsockem, on the other hand, seems to have reated an army-based religion, which, combined with their large army, gives them a pretty strong bonus.

The civilizations have fully expended and did some colonization.

So we had a little world war scenario, Rockemsockem and MoA got a lot of territories, Larchia was going after Novoblupolia with a great military number advantage, leaving Novoblupolia little choice other than to test their nuke on Larchian colony.