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Citizenship Application Form

[size=200][region]Amalgamated Federation[/region] Citizenship Application[/size]

Send to [nation]The Age of Utopia[/nation] as TG when done.

[box]Nation Name:

Previous regions[url=#option]*[/url]:

Is this your main nation?

If you are a puppet, what is your main nation?

List Puppet nations below[url=#option]*[/url]:

WA status[url=#option]*[/url]:

Have you ever been a WA delegate? If so, what region(s)?

Have you been, or are currently a RO in any other regions?

Are you currently banned from any regions? (If so list below)

What do you plan to do with citizenship?[url=#option]*[/url]


Answer honestly on all questions, failure to do so will result in trial.

You must be in the region to apply, otherwise you need explicit permission from [nation]The Age of Utopia[/nation] or [nation]Neue deutsche Kaukasier[/nation].

This info will be recorded unless you explicitly state that you would like it to remain private. If you are under trial, the info may be revealed without permission.

A list of citizens will be kept by [nation]The Age of Utopia[/nation].

Only one nation per living person may be a citizen.

To run for office, you must reside in AF.

[nation]The Age of Utopia[/nation] manages citizenship, and keeps track of info.

[spoiler=[anchor=option][b]*[/b][/anchor]] Optional[/spoiler]