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Citizenship Application Form

Amalgamated Federation Citizenship Application

Send to The Age of Utopia as TG when done.

Nation Name:

Previous regions*:

Is this your main nation?

If you are a puppet, what is your main nation?

List Puppet nations below*:

WA status*:

Have you ever been a WA delegate? If so, what region(s)?

Have you been, or are currently a RO in any other regions?

Are you currently banned from any regions? (If so list below)

What do you plan to do with citizenship?*

Answer honestly on all questions, failure to do so will result in trial.

You must be in the region to apply, otherwise you need explicit permission from The Age of Utopia or Neue deutsche Kaukasier.

This info will be recorded unless you explicitly state that you would like it to remain private. If you are under trial, the info may be revealed without permission.

A list of citizens will be kept by The Age of Utopia.

Only one nation per living person may be a citizen.

To run for office, you must reside in AF.

The Age of Utopia manages citizenship, and keeps track of info.