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Pengia Terrum Council of Co-Operation Engagement Rules and Guidance

The Pengia Terrum Council of Co-Operation is an inter-governmental organisation that was established by the the Republic of Khushvad, the Democratic Republic of Aldrest and the Nomadic Peoples of Metaphysicus on Sunday 3rd January 2021 to bring together the nations of Pengia Terrum. The organisation promotes peace and collaboration in the region and its main roles are regarding economics and defence. Each nation of Pengia Terrum has a place in the PTCoC where it is represented by its government. The PTCoC is a platform where the different governments work together to shape the progress of Pengia Terrum.

Policies and Legislation
Each member nation of the Council can submit a policy suggestion (bill) for the governance of Pengia Terrum. This is done by creating a poll from the admin section of the Pengia Terrum page which will direct to a page titled 'Pengia Terrum Regional Control'. After this, the poll will be displayed on the region page and member nations can vote (therefore the 'Residents' box must be checked on 'Voter Eligibility'). The poll must be titled '[NAME] Bill' and the context of the bill must be filled in the 'Text' section. Only one bill can be reviewed by member nations at a time (in the Parliament). Each member nation will vote on the bill by either agreeing, disagreeing or abstaining (hence there must be three options on the poll titled For, Against or Abstain). Members can also and are encouraged to constructively criticise the act by posting their opinions on the forum and adding any adjustments they feel necessary. After a set time, the Legislative Body will review the bill and all criticisms and then come up with a most ideal reformed version to verify and implement in Pengia Terrum, however if a member nation would not like to implement the act in their nation then they are completely free to do so. Once the bill is passed by the Legislative Body and Parliament, it becomes an act, policy or law. After this happens, the poll should be deleted.

If a bill is very important and the description requires much more space than allowed on the poll 'Text' section, then the submitter can write in down in a dispatch which can be pinned to the Pengia Terrum page. A dispatch can be created by going to your nation's page and clicking FACTBOOK. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Add New Factbook button. The category must be changed to Bulletin and Policy must in the box after the following arrow. As with the poll, the dispatch must be named '[NAME] Bill'. After the dispatch is made, the submitter should inform an admin within Pengia Terrum who will pin the dispatch in Pengia Terrum.

Elections for Council President
Each member nation of the Council will partake in the elections for the Council President (Executive). During this time, any nation can campaign for presidency. They may campaign and present what they will bring to the PTCoC as Council President via the forum or the Discord group. Elections and campaigning will take place over a set period of time and the leader of the nation that receives most endorsements by the end of this time will become Council President. Candidates must remember that the main roles of the PTCoC regards the region's economics and defence, not politics. After assuming executive power, the Council President can then appoint officers to take charge of certain offices within the PTCoC. The Council President also acts as the World Assembly delegate for Pengia Terrum, however, member nations are not obliged to vote for legislation in the World Assembly as the Council President has.

Pengia Terrum Council of Co-Operation Legislative Body
Sunday 3rd January 2021