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Civil War Targets

For the incoming civil war as per The Greenlandic North's request in the rules dispatch:

Argus- the major city just on the other side of the border wall.
Alemont- largest city and capitol of Aesyria
Isle of Patch- largest of the southeastern island chain in Elysia, home to Amity Colosseum.
Port Rennaise- Capitol of Elysia and main port city, home of Stahl Industries corporate headquarters.
Arcadia bay- Coastal city bordering Elysia and Valyria.
Meridian- City in Valyria where the 3 provinces meet.
Velourium- Capitol of Valyria in the lower levels of the Mantle Mountain Range.
Solitas - national Capitol a few hours north of Velourium, deep within Mantle Range, home to The Citadel, House Atlantic, and The Obsidian Legion Headquarters.

Port-Port Rennaise (See above)
Port- Arcadia Bay (See above)
Trade- Meridian (See above)
Amin Mountain- Primary mine for raw minerals used in electrocyte production in Valyria.

Military bases:
The Wall of Argus- border wall that comprises the entire land border with Kubuland.
Fort Neptune- naval base just outside Port Rennaise
Fort Jupiter- Valyrian Air Force base and home/construction site of the Air Fleet

Edit to avoid double Post: For the duration of the war my main banner will be The Gail Arbor.