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The Stigyan Air Fleet

The Stigyan Air Fleet is the most important asset to the Triumvirates military. Powered by electrocyte arc reactorsThere are currently a total of 10active ships with another 10 expected by the end of 2030.

(A Triumvirate Destroyer airship)

MK-1 Destroyer “Claud” class Airship: The destroyer vlass Airships measure out at 320m long and can carry up to 18 planes and 48 VTOLS, as well as 2,000 troops. They are armed with 2 Jackhammer Arc cannons, anti air and air to surface weapons, ATAC drone deployment, and hard light barriers on the underside. There are currently 9 active ships of this class with 8 more under various stages of construction.
Current Claud class ships:
TST Neverender
TST Vytal
TST Junesong
TST Pavilion
TST Juggernaut
TST Hetricus
TST Arcturus
TST Gravemaker
TST Gunslinger

(“The Gail Arbor” dreadnought)
Dreadnaught “Oum” class Airship: the supersized big brother to the “claud” class, the dreadnaughts are equipped with all the equipment of the “claud” class and more. Measuring out at 550m long and equipped with 4 Jackhammer cannons. One Dreadnaught can carry32 planes, 80 VTOLS, and 3,600 troops. There is only one Dreadnought so far, The Gail Arbor, under the personal command of STRM Supreme Admiral Ironwood, however there are 2 more that will soon be under construction

Decommissioned Airships: These are Stigyan airships that have been either destroyed in battle or retired from service and recycled.

Destroyed - TST Meriwell: destroyed on 9/4/2021 in Sakiria. The Meriwell was hijacked by Violetist rebels and traitorous Sakirian Queen Marie II. In order to stop the ship from being used to attack the Triumvirate Stigyan phantom commando known as Vision caused the ship to crash land, destroying the ship past the point of non-repairable.