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Interesting Black Metal bands

Sankara - One of the few Communist Black Metal bands out there. Very atmospheric with death metal influences.

Pan-Amerikan Native Front - One man band and one of the few Native American black metal bands.

Quest for Blood - Japanese Black Folk Metal with a Nohkan (traditional flute). The Nohkan is almost consistently playing, most flute players in metal don't play that long.

Kuxan Suum - Mayan themed Black Metal. The guy behind it is the leader of the Black Twilight Circle and has mayan ancestry of some kind.

Kouzaburou Kojima - A black metal artist behind many different one man bands, his most well known one being Gorugoth. What's so unique about him is the way he uses drum programming in his music.

Al-Namrood - Saudi Arabian black metal band, and making black metal there can get you killed. Their identities are anonymous of course.

Magane / Mortes Saltantes - A Japanese black metal band with thrash and death metal influences. They focus on Shinto and folklore and have extremely good guitar solos for a black metal band.