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(The STRM 1st shock army)

The Stigyan Triumvirate Royal Military (STRM) is the national defense force of the Triumvirate. Nicknamed ‘the storm” due to its size and acronym, the STRM is comprised of the Royal Army, Royal Navy, and Royal Air Force. The Royal Military is mainly composed of Stigyans on their 2 year mandatory service, with those who choose to stay after making up the higher ranks. The leader of the STRM is the Executor of War Supreme Admiral Jesse Ironwoood.

(STRM Infantry)

The Royal Army (SRA) - the main fighting force mainly focused on national defense. The RA is in charge of manning the Wall of Argus and fighing against possible invaders and public works such as major construction and disaster relief.

The Royal Navy (SRN) - The Stigyan Navy is in charge of patrolling the nations coastline, which is roughly 80% of the coastline. It is also in charge of transporting the Army and the Legion to other nations in case of war

The Royal Air Force (SAF) - The air force is the pride of the Royal Military. In addition to the fighter jets, bombers, and expected air technlogy, the primary power of the Air Force comes from the Stigyan Air Fleet. The Air Fleet is currently composed of 8 claud class electrocyte powered airships that can transport large amounts of soldiers and vehicles. The flagship of the air fleet is the Oum class Gail Arbor, an even bigger airship designed to singlehandedly start and end a small war.