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Three Star Tribune: January 2021 Edition

Anteria's Best (and Only) Regional Newspaper, Coming To you Courtesy of Polder Eiland and Kentalis Presses
January 2021 Edition: Conlanging in Anteria
Conlanging: An Honest Opinion

By Kentalis, Editor
Conlanging has always been a prominent part of the Anterian community, but lately, it has become even more popular, with more and more people deciding to make their own language. I myself found it interesting as well, so Iíve decided to write an article about it. I will explain how conlangs work, why they can affect someoneís worldbuilding and finally, I will show some examples.

Conlangs (Constructed Languages) are languages who are in most cases completely made for creative works (think of Klingoneese for Star Trek), these languages are also known as fictional languages. Anteriaís Conlangs fall into this category, with most languages either being a mix between already existing languages, or something completely new. Conlanging isnít easy, however. You will need to have experience with (foreign) languages, which is something not everyone has. But, if you decide to make your own conlang and really decide to push through with it, the results will be worth it, since you will finally have made your own language. This alone might determine some people to continue with it.
The effects upon someoneís worldbuilding could be detrimental, with the language being able to make your country either a single-nationality or a multiple-cultural powerhouse. But the effects continue, for example, some people decide to make their own culture after theyíve made their own language, hence completely changing the worldbuilding to accompany the language.
A few notable examples for Anteriaís conlangs are Zhousi, a language mostly spoken in Zhousheng and the wider Sekidean Union. According to Zhousheng himself, the language is a weird combination of Vietnamese phonology, Czech phonemes and multiple Slavic grammatical systems. I think itís a very well made language, I particularly like the worldbuilding behind it. But, of course, this isnít the only conlang, another example of Anteriaís conlangs is made by a long time member, Gabrielt in Gabrielland. It is known for its many versions and the major differences between its versions. Finally, we have Lakkathan, spoken in Qazhshava. I think that this one is among the best conlangs of Anteria, due to the effort Qazh has put into it. For example, while he is still doing the normal sentences, he is also doing conlanging challenges. For example, he once translated the entire evacuation message of Chernobyl into his language, spending an entire evening writing the message. He later on even added the pronunciation and literal translation to the message. Of course, these are only three languages of the dozens, with a notable mention being Sebric in New Sebronia, which is grammatically German, while itís vocabulary is a mix between Nordic and German/nordicAnd it has a slight touch of South-Eastern Asian.
Conlanging plays a major role in Anteriaís worldbuilding community, while it might be a bit hard for beginners, it will eventually be worth it and I think it is worth making it.

Polder Eiland
Founder Implements Revisions of Civil Service

By Polder Eiland, Editor
The Anterian Civil Service is a means for citizens who are not necessarily involved in the Directorate directly to become involved in the day-to-day operations of Anteria, filling in the gaps where the founder and directors cannot always perform their duties, or would prefer to help share the ability to participate in their Directorates.

Until recently, the Anterian Civil Service was relatively underdeveloped and disjointed between departments. However, under a new initiative started by Emi, the Founder, every Directorate in Anteria will now have a structure for joining the civil service.

The Directorates of Media and Enforcement were two examples of early implementation of this design. The Director of Media had already implemented a similar structure by allowing citizens to become journalists for the Three Star Tribune. This system has allowed journalists to contribute to the paper without taking on the responsibilities of editing or distribution. The Directorate of Enforcement, headed by The Byrdlands, oversees the moderators of the discord server and regional message board, and allows these moderators to perform their duties with and intermediate between the founderís direct oversight and their immediate decisions.

However, the expansion now centralizes the application process for joining the Civil Service to one dispatch, and expands the civil service in several departments. For example, the Directorate of Recruitment has now absorbed the greeters, a group of citizens who greet new members as soon as they join the discord server.

Additionally, the Directorate of Roleplay has introduced a Roleplay Council, consisting of three members who serve three month terms and oversee the rules of roleplay.

The Civil Service will continue to help Anterians participate in their region where it matters for years to come, and these reforms will hopefully make it much easier for members to find roles they are interested in.

Interview with Polder Eiland/Jinkies, Current Director of Media.

By Kentalis, Editor

[Kentalis] Alright, Tell us a bit about yourself.

[Polder Eiland] I'm Jinkies! I've been active on NationStates for seven years under various names. I'm known mostly for my work in the Augustin Alliance and The Black Hawks, though I've done a few other things of note. My recent projects include being Director of Media for Anteria, and I'm currently running for Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Conch Kingdom.

[K] Alrighty, next up! Tell a bit about your countries, like the government type.

[P] Oh! Sure! For a while, I ran Polder Eiland, which was a small island nation modelled after The Netherlands and Singapore. It was guild republic, with the government structure influence by the Republic of Venice and by the City of London. I now run Aenglicia. Aenglicia is a large communist nation, which ultimately desires to bring as many nations as possible into its fold. However, its position far away from other superpowers is a double-edged sword: it has to influence other nations by starting up proxy wars, etc.

[K] Pretty cool, now, what was the best thing you did with any of your countries?

[P] Honestly, that's a very difficult question to answer. I suppose I'm very proud of building up the guild republic system in Polder Eiland. I got compliments from a lot of people on it, and I know some people were disappointed to see the switch of my RP nation.

[K] Next up, why did you decide to become a part of the Directorate?

[P] I decided to become a part of the Directorate because I felt I could effectively work as DoM and excel at my job in a way that was interesting to me and could serve the community. Emi wanted me to make a newspaper, and that had been something I was interested in for some time as well, so when that became my job, I was very excited about it.

[K] Final 2 questions, you ready?

[P] Yeah!

[K] What are your plans for your future contributions to Anteria?

[P] I mean, I still plan on being a Journalist with the TST. So thatís one thing. Otherwise, I might consider doing things like contributing to the civil service elsewhere, if needed. Generally, Iím not sure what I want to do with regards to RP, so Iíll have to think about that a good deal.
[K] And now, for the final question. What are your tips for the person who is going to take your position?

[P] Take your position seriously, do your work, and be creative. Youíve been given a mandate by the founder to create a narrative about little snapshots into Anterian culture. Thatís, to me, very beautiful. These news dispatches may survive for years to come. It is your duty and your distinct privilege to tell a story about your region.

[K] Thank you for your time.

Opinion: Kentalis for Director of Media

By Kentalis, Editor
Hello, Iím Kentalis, and in case by the time this newspaper gets published, the new Director of Media has already been announced, consider this an announcement of my plans.
Basically, my plans include a major expansion of the TST Staff and the amount of TST articles added per publication. In fact, I would like the TST to make a total of eight articles per publication. I would also like to increase the variety of articles, for example making an article about someoneís worldbuilding, or focusing on a particular event which might happen in roleplay, There are, of course, more things we can make articles about, like region affairs and the likes, but thatís all up to you guys. Other than more articles, I would like to announce a new idea, which is Special issues, these newspapers come out alongside the normal newspaper one per three months and it reflects upon the events of the last three months, together with more articles as you would see in a magazine. And finally, I have one important announcement. I can not do this without you all, hence I would request more people to join the TST Staff and try to make articles. After all, Anteria is a community and communities do a lot of things together, hence I ask you, personally, to help me make the TST a staple thing of Anteria.

Thank you.

Recipe Corner

By Polder Eiland, Editor

French Onion Soup

One spanish onion
Beef stock, 1 cup
Salt and pepper
Swiss or Gruyere cheese, 2 oz
French Bread

Preheat the oven to 350oF
Chop the onion lengthwise into slivers
Salt the onion
Fry the onion on medium flame until caramelized (at least 30 min) in a saucepan
Add a splash of water if the onion begins to burn while caramelizing
Cook two slices of French bread in the oven for 15 min.
Once the onion is done caramelizing, add 2 tsp flour and cook for 1 minute
Add the beef stock to the saucepan, and bring it to a simmer. Simmer for 10-15 min.
Pour the soup into two small ramekins.
Put the cooked bread on top of the soup
Shred the cheese on top of the bread in a copious amount
Broil the soup in the ramekins on high in a middle rack for 3-5 min, until the cheese is bubbly and browned
Let cool for at least 10 minutes, and serve

Questions? Any things you would like to point out? If you want to give feedback, send a telegram to Kentalis or a DM to Ofton#3359 on Discord. Of course, you can also ask your questions in the Three Star Tribune channel on the discord. Whatever your question is, our team will look into it!