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Winter Flag Competition!

More Frosty Regionalism!

~ Winter Flag Competition ~

1st Place

Created by:


Officially Used:

Jan 25th to 31st

2nd Place

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Officially Used:

Jan 18th to 24th

3rd Place

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Officially Used:

Jan 11th to 17th

Hey Refugia,

Today, I bring you some exciting news from the Culture office, which I have been recently informed that I seem to run. We've had a number of different flags over the past two years, from arcane runes and Celtic knot patterns, to the more recently recognisable blue leaf and stars design. So naturally, I'm all about wanting to mix things up again for a little while. There's a lot of you awesome designers out there with ideas of your own about how the world should look and I want to apply that to Refugia. So, let this post mark the beginning of Refugia's first flag competition. From now until the end of the day Pacific time, on Thursday January 7th, I'm calling on any Refugia resident to create their own idea of a Refugia winter flag.

You do not have to use any part or component of the current Refugia flag or previous Refugia flags. The only requirement is that it is winter themed and carries what you feel is the Refugi spirit. When you have a flag that you're happy with, you may send this flag to me for submission. At the end of the day on Thursday January 7th, I will begin a poll on LinkVote.CalRef where you can vote for your favourite entry. The poll will conclude at the end of the day on Sunday, January 10th and the top three flags by order of preference will be used as Refugia's official regional flag for one week each.

Entries and Entry Methods:

You can elect to submit your flags publicly or privately.

Gameside submissions: Upload your flag to an offsite image service. Send the link to me in a telegram, OR post the link on the regional message board, and tag me so that I definitely see the entry.

Chat submissions: DM me your flag submission (Luca#0004), OR post the image to Feu de Glace Hall and ping me so that I definitely see the entry.

When the submissions have been received, accepted, and prepared, they will be added to this dispatch for both posterity and as a way to easily check which vote is connected to what flag. Residents may submit between one and three flags, and all flags that are submitted by residents while under this limit will be considered valid.

Good luck to all contestants and may your creativity flow!


Flag Competition Entries

Option A
by Chatula

Option B
by Lethodus

Option C
by Sylh Alanor

Option D
by Laisou

Option E
by Junitaki-cho

Option F
by Melenavenia