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Rivendell Party

Rivendell Party

1. To join the Party, Telegram Sysillia/Northern Water Tribes/Other High ranking members
2. Members are encourage to strengthen there diplomacy with other Party members
3. If you want to leave the party, Telegram any high ranking official and you should confirm your departure.
4. Members, Regardless of Rank/Type should be respected.
5. Telegram Sysillia for a spot in the Ranks!
6. The Rich must pay 35% More taxes.

1. Spam Telegram to Join is not Allowed.
2. Any Policies/rules broken will result in a telegram based warning. a repeat may cause in ejection from the party (you are no longer in the party)
3. Advertisement inside the party is not allowed

Founders : Northern Water Tribes, Sysillia, 2nd Zapadoslavia

High Command : Spot Open!

Mid Command : Spot Open!

Low Command : Spot Open!

Note: 2ND Zapadoslavia is not daily active. Please telegram N.W.T or Sysillia.