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Military Budget Guide

About this Guide
This is a guide to help you better understand more about your Military Budget in this RP.
Military Budget
  1. Areas of Spending
    Your Military Budget is split into 4 Areas of Spending (AoS), these being:

    • Personnel (Army Wages)

    • Maintenance (Upkeep of your Equipment)

    • Procurement (Buying Military Equipment)

    • RDT&E (Developing New Equipment)

  2. Allocation of Spending
    Every nationís Military Spending is allocated as follows:

    • 20% to Personnel

    • 40% to Maintenance

    • 40% to Procurement

    • 0% to RDT&E (keeping the same technology throughout the RP)

  3. Spending on Each Department
    Your budget is further divided to each of you Military Departments. For example, you could divide it this way:

    • 30% to Army

    • 35% to Navy

    • 35% to Air Force

Personnel and Maintenance
  1. Personnel
    You pay your personnel 30,000 units of your currency per year.

  2. Maintenance
    Maintenance costs include everything required for your military equipment to stay operational, e.g. Fuel Costs, Ammunition, Parts etc.

Procurement and RDT&E
  1. Procurement
    This is the budget that you use to buy equipment for your military. There are 2 types of equipment you can buy:

    • New Equipment - Buying equipment new is more costly, but the quality of the equipment is higher.

    • Used Equipment - Buying used equipment is cheaper, but the quality of the equipment is lower.

  2. RDT&E
    You don't need to worry about RDT&E in this RP, as we are only using current (and previous) technology.

Useful Tools
  1. The New Equipment Shop
    The New Equipment Shop is where you place orders for any new military equipment you desire, as long as you can afford them.

  2. The Used Equipment Market
    The Used Equipment Market is where you buy second-hand military equipment from other nations. Any nation can send their equipment to be sold, if they so wish. On the other hand, they may wish to save some money by buying second-hand.