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TCB Regional Development Program - Issue Results Tool!

The Communist Bloc
Regional Development Program

Guide to Issue Results

How to Improve your National Statistics, Earn Badges, and improve the Bloc!

How to Use the Issue Guide!

Greetings Comrades, and congratulations on taking the first steps to developing not only your nation, but the Bloc as a whole!

This guide will show you the basics of the issue results guide and explain how to look for statistics to improve!

Step One: Load the following link in a new tab in your browser. LinkIssue Results. You should arrive at a page that looks like this:

Step Two: Go to your nation's Issues Page. You will see all the issues currently available to your nation. Each issue will have a name, as well as a number. We'll use this number in the next step.

Step Three: Choose an issue you'd like to see the results and statistics for. In this example, we're gonna pick the first issue available, "Bait and Switch." Now find the issue number for lookup. It can be found to the right of an issue name and looks like "Vol 32, No. 591." For our purposes, only the number is important.

Step Four: Jump back over to the tab with the Issues Results site, and scroll down the list until you find the name and number that matches the issue you've chosen. Click that link. You can also use Ctrl (or Cmd) + F to search for the issue name and number to make it easier on the eyes, and cut down on scrolling!

Step Five: You should now see a page with three columns. The first column contains each of the possible responses to the issue. The second column details the range of statistics change from choosing that response. This is presented as a range of possible value changes, alongside an average. The third column contains how many times that response has changed a particular stat. Higher response numbers indicate generally more accurate average statistics changes.

Step Six: Choose a statistic you'd like to improve. This can either be your own preference, or a target set by the Regional Development Program. In this example, we're aiming to improve our nations Agriculture stat. Scroll down the list of statistics changes for the first response to find the effects on agriculture. In this example, the result from the first option is seen in the picture below!

Step Seven: Repeat Step Six for each possible response for the issue. In this example, we can see that the other option is likely to reduce the Agriculture score.

Step Eight: Choose the issue response that is likely to give the effect you want, and take a look at the results! In this example, it's the first response! However when examining the statistics changes, we can see our Agriculture stat was actually unaffected, but our Trout Fishing Industry grew by 35%!

Some Notes: As we've just seen, the guide isn't 100% accurate and only presents a general view of how different responses will change your nation. As a result, the effects of any one result may not be what you were hoping for. Don't lose hope! Any losses can be recovered, and the guide presents a useful tool for comrades to start shaping their nations!
Additionally, NationStates Issues have an overall normalising effect on statistics, generally bringing them closer to average. This means nations with high scores in a particular statistic are likely to suffer greater declines in score values than rises, and vice-versa for nations with low scores. Keep this in mind when choosing your options!

That's the guide! Thanks so much for reading, and hopefully this was of some help to you! Keep your eyes out for news related to Regional Development, and if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch!