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by The Ministry of Information of the Communist Bloc. . 9 reads.

[Regional Law] Executive Order #005: Revolutionary Endorsement Program


[size=200]Executive Order #005: Revolutionary Endorsement Program[/size]

[i]An Executive Order to launch the Revolutionary Endorsement Program.[/i][/center]

[size=150]Article I - Category[/size]

(1) This Act shall be classified as a Category E - EXECUTIVE ORDER.

[size=150]Article II - Provisions[/size]

(2) The Revolutionary Endorsement Program (herein REP) shall be launched within The Communist Bloc (herein TCB).
[list=a][*]The REP shall be a scheme in which nations are encouraged to endorse each other nationwide, in order to assist each other with gaining badges and making regional security stronger.
[*]REP shall include a code which tracks and traces nations within TCB who have below the legal maximum endorsements, and advises nations for those users to endorse and unendorse.[/list]

(3) The Minister of Domestic Affairs and the Ministry of Information shall be collectively tasked with maintaining the Program. 
[list=a][*]This may include creating a rewards system for Citizens and Residents who perform exceedingly well, and frequently monitor their endorsements, endorse the most people, and/or assist nations with the program.[/list]

[size=150]Article III - Schedule[/size]

(4) This order shall pass with majority assent from the Council of Ministers.

[i]Written and proposed by Martyn Kiryu.[/i]