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by The Ministry of Information of the Communist Bloc. . 7 reads.

[Regional Law] Executive Order #005: Revolutionary Endorsement Program

Executive Order #005: Revolutionary Endorsement Program

An Executive Order to launch the Revolutionary Endorsement Program.

Article I - Category

(1) This Act shall be classified as a Category E - EXECUTIVE ORDER.

Article II - Provisions

(2) The Revolutionary Endorsement Program (herein REP) shall be launched within The Communist Bloc (herein TCB).

  1. The REP shall be a scheme in which nations are encouraged to endorse each other nationwide, in order to assist each other with gaining badges and making regional security stronger.

  2. REP shall include a code which tracks and traces nations within TCB who have below the legal maximum endorsements, and advises nations for those users to endorse and unendorse.

(3) The Minister of Domestic Affairs and the Ministry of Information shall be collectively tasked with maintaining the Program.

  1. This may include creating a rewards system for Citizens and Residents who perform exceedingly well, and frequently monitor their endorsements, endorse the most people, and/or assist nations with the program.

Article III - Schedule

(4) This order shall pass with majority assent from the Council of Ministers.

Written and proposed by Martyn Kiryu.