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by The Ministry of Information of the Communist Bloc. . 10 reads.

[Regional Law] Executive Order #002: Ministry Merger


Executive Order #002: Ministry Merger

An Executive Order to merge the responsibilities of the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense, and create the role of Military Representative.

Article I - Category

(1) This Act shall be classified as a Category E - EXECUTIVE ORDER.

Article II - Definitions

(2) “Minister of Defense & Minister of Foreign Affairs” shall be the full title of the new role created by this document. This may be referred to simply as “Minister of Defense and Foreign Affairs” or “Minister of Foreign Affairs” for brevity, however.

Article III - Provisions

(3) The responsibilities of the Ministry of Defense shall be merged with the responsibilities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

(4) The Minister of Defense and Foreign Affairs (herein may be referred to as the MoDFA) shall be responsible for appointing a Military Representative (herein may be referred to as MR), who shall be The Communist Bloc’s primary representative to and from The Red Fleet, with majority consent of the Council of Ministers.

  1. The MoDFA may, with consent from the rest of the Council of Ministers choose not to assign a Military Representative.

    1. Should no MR be appointed, the MoDFA shall be charged with all duties the MR is tasked with.

(5) Citizens who serve in The Red Fleet’s admiralty board shall be prioritized for appointment to the position of Military Representative.

(6)The Military Representative shall advise the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the subject of military affairs and relations with The Red Fleet, and shall be consulted on all Military Affairs within the Bloc.

  1. The Military Representative’s reports must be taken into account on any matters involving Military, including but not limited to Defense of the Region, Military Treaties, Foreign Hostility, and any NationStates events which may be considered as a Military Action.

  2. The Military Representative may make reports on Security Council Resolutions which affect Military Allies or associated military organizations, which shall be taken into account by the Council of Ministers when deciding on if and how to vote within the Security Council, if applicable.

    1. The Council of Ministers maintains the right to vote against the Military Representative’s advice.

(7) The Military Representative shall be overseen by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and may be removed at any time by them with the majority assent of the Council of Ministers. The Military Representative may be recalled at any time by the People’s Assembly

  1. The People's Assembly may motion for a Vote of No Confidence following 5 people, or half of the amount of votes received by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the previous election (whichever number is lower), signing a motion which gives reason for the motion.

    1. A Vote of No Confidence shall be posted by the Speaker, outlining the reasons given by the motion.

    2. Should the vote pass with a simple majority in favour of ejection, the current Military Representative will be removed from post and the Minister of Foreign Affairs will be required to find a new candidate for the role. The former Military Representative will be unable to be reappointed to the position for a period lasting no less than the remainder of the current Ministerial term.

(8) The Military Representative shall present, or otherwise advise the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on, a public report on the activities of The Red Fleet and/or any other completed military or intelligence operations conducted by, or for, the Communist Bloc.

Article IV- Schedule

(9) This order shall pass with majority assent from the Council of Ministers.

Written and proposed by Egaleca.