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by The Ministry of Information of the Communist Bloc. . 4 reads.

[Regional Law] World Assembly Affairs Act Amendment Act 2020

World Assembly Affairs Act Amendment Act 2020

An act to amend the World Assembly Affairs Act to allow for a more streamlined, efficient, yet democratic process for determining the delegate’s vote.

Now, therefore, BE IT ENACTED by the order of the glorious Constitution of the Revolutionary Republic, by and with the advice and consent of the Citizens of The Communist Bloc, in this present Legislative Committee assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows-

Article I - Category

(1) This Act shall be classified as a Type VII One-Shot Law.

Article II - Provisions

(2) Insert in Article I, Definitions, the following:

“(14) “Resident” or “Resident Nation” shall refer to any nation that currently resides in The Communist Bloc region.”

(3) Replace s (15) with the following:

“(15) When a World Assembly proposal is in queue, it is the responsibility of the Minister of World Assembly Affairs or their equivalent, or a volunteer authorized by the minister under their portfolio, to create a voting thread on the World Assembly proposal and analysis on The Communist Bloc forums in a timely fashion no later than 24 hours after the proposal has reached the queue.

  1. The post must include the proposal in full text.

  2. The analysis must include both pros and cons of the proposal at vote.

  3. The voting thread shall be open to all citizens, who will be able to vote Aye, Nay, or Abstain”

(4) Insert, after s (15), the following:

“(16): Resident nations of the Communist Bloc may submit their opinions and votes on WA resolutions to the Minister of WA Affairs, via the Ministry of WA Affairs Nation, who will then post those opinions and votes in the designated resolution thread.

  1. The Minister of WA Affairs reserves the right to exclude any votes or opinions delivered in this manner exclusively for the purposes of preserving regional security.

  2. Rejected submissions may be appealed by the resident nation to the People’s Tribunal. If the Minister of WA Affairs’ rejection is deemed not to be for the purpose of preserving regional security, the rejection shall be formally retracted and the submission will be considered valid for the purpose of the Act, to the maximum extent possible.

  3. Citizen or resident nations may not submit their opinions and votes via both the forums and the Ministry nation. If two submissions are made, only the first mode of submission will be accepted for initial and subsequent submissions.

(5) Replace s (17) with the following:

“(17) After 48 hours have passed or, at least five citizens have posted their vote in the vote thread, the WAD will vote on the proposal based on the poll results.

  1. If an option achieves a majority (50% + 1) of votes, the WAD shall vote in that manner on the proposal

  2. If no option achieves a majority of votes, the WAD shall abstain.”

(6) Insert, after s (17), the following:

“(18): If, over the course of the resolution being at vote, the majority option changes, the Minister of World Assembly Affairs, or a volunteer designated on their behalf, must advise the delegate to change their vote to the option with the majority of votes.

  1. This advice must be given as soon as reasonably possible.

  2. If the Resolution is scheduled to leave the floor within 12 hours, and the WAD vote does not match the majority option, the MoWAA must advise the delegate to change their vote to the majority opinion.”

(7) Renumber all remaining provisions after replacement and insertions accordingly.

Article III - Schedule

(8) This act shall be considered legally binding following majority assent from the Legislative Committee, as well as majority assent from the People’s Assembly.

Written and proposed by Aquila