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by The Ministry of Information of the Communist Bloc. . 3 reads.

[Regional Law] Regional Symbolism Act 2020

Regional Symbolism Act 2020

An act to allow the Minister of Culture to run a binding regional symbolism contest

Now, therefore, BE IT ENACTED by the order of the glorious Constitution of the Revolutionary Republic, by and with the advice and consent of the Citizens of The Communist Bloc, in this present Legislative Committee assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows-

Article I - Category

(1) This Act shall be considered a Type VII- One Shot Law

Article II - Definitions:

(2) Regional Branding shall refer to any art or graphics officially sanctioned by The Communist Bloc to represent it.

Article III - Provisions:

(3) The Minister of Culture shall be given a period exceeding no longer than one week less than the remainder of their term as Minister of Culture to finalise any changes, if desired to the Regional Branding, including at least, but not limited to:

  1. Regional Anthem

  2. Regional Motto

  3. Regional Flag

  4. Regional Seal

(4) Any changes made to any regional branding must be confirmed by the People’s Assembly by a majority vote.

  1. The current piece of branding must be a votable option.

  2. Any changes to any regional branding must cite the author or creator of that piece of branding as the author of that branding.

  3. Votes must be open for a minimum of 48 hours, with a regional Telegram sent for each vote.

(5) The Minister of Culture shall be charged with presenting an official document outlining any changes made upon completion.

Article IV- Scheduling

(6) This Act shall be considered retroactive and will cover any changes already made by the Ministry of Culture in the last 3 months from the date it is legally binding.

(7) This act shall be considered legally binding following majority assent from the Legislative Committee, as well as majority assent from the People’s Assembly.

This act was written and proposed by Martyn Kiryu