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by The Ministry of Information of the Communist Bloc. . 2 reads.

[Regional Law] Ministerial Amendment Act 2020

Ministerial Amendment Act 2020

An act to define the basic roles of Ministers.

Now, therefore, BE IT ENACTED by the order of the glorious Constitution of the Revolutionary Republic, by and with the advice and consent of the Citizens of The Communist Bloc, in this present Legislative Committee assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows-

ARTICLE I - Definitions

(1) "The Constitution" shall refer to The Constitution of the Revolutionary Republic of The Communist Bloc

Article II - Category

(2) This Act shall be classified as a Type VII One-shot law.

Article III - Provisions

(3) Article III Clause (1) of The Constitution shall have a subsection added which reads:

b. The First Minister shall be considered a Minister for Legislative, Judicial and Constitutional purposes.

(4) Article III Clause (1/f/iii) of The Constitution shall be amended to read the following:

iii. Domestic Affairs,

(5) Article III Clause (1) of The Constitution shall have a subsection added to it which reads:

g. The minimum areas of responsibility of the Ministries are the following:

    1. Defense: Provide security to The Communist Bloc, perform operations in compliance with regional law and treaties, and serve as a liaison to military organizations allied with the Communist Bloc.

    2. Foreign Affairs: Manage and establish diplomatic relations with other regions and entities.

    3. Domestic Affairs: Recruit nations to The Communist Bloc, process citizenship Applications, and provide assistance to citizens and residents.

    4. Culture: Organize events, promote culture, and oversee role-playing.

    5. Information: Send Regional Mass Telegrams for Elections, Peopleís Assembly votes, and other important votes; report news timely to the Citizens and residents; and share the appropriate information to allied regions and entities.

    6. World Assembly Delegate: Keep their nation existing in The Communist Bloc as a World Assembly Member, maintain their nationís status as the World Assembly Delegate, and update the status of the First Minister and all other Members of the Council Ministers as Regional Officers.

      1. Ministries may be assigned additional roles by the First Minister.

(6) Article III Clause (3) of the Constitution shall be amended to read the following:

  • 3. The Ministers are to be elected in two separate elections. The first round shall elect the Minister of Culture, the Minister of Information, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the First Minister. The second shall elect the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Domestic Affairs, and any other Ministers.

(7) Article IV Clause (3c) shall have a subsection added which reads:

  1. Except where no sitting member is eligible to stand.

(8) Article V Clause (5) shall have a subsection added which reads:

  • c. The People's Assembly cannot initiate an Order of Recall within ten days of a relevant election in which the Minister or Committee Member would face said relevant election.

    1. The Speaker is not obligated to post a vote when a relevant election will occur within ten days.

      Article IV - Schedule

      (9) Subsections must be renumbered where necessary.

      (10) Any Section (0)s must be amended as to make sense.

      (11) This amendment shall be considered legally binding following a vote of the Legislative Committee which must attain a ⅔ majority, as well as majority assent from the Peopleís Assembly.

      Proposed by Cadmius Antioak Disignotus, written by Martyn Kiryu