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[Regional Law] SLU Treaty

The People’s Republic of The Communist Bloc And The Social Liberal Union Treaty of Mutual Non-Aggression


In light of our regions’ shared affinity for leftism, the blatant errors committed by The Communist Bloc in the past, and the need for the rebuilding of the bridges between our regions, The People’s Republic of The Communist Bloc and The Social Liberal Union declare and adhere to the following:

Article I - Definitions

1. “SLU” shall refer to the Social Liberal Union.

2. “TCB” or “PRTCB” shall refer to The People’s Republic of The Communist Bloc.

3. “War” shall be defined as an active state of armed conflict between different regions.

4. “Aggression” or “Hostility” shall refer to shall be defined as an engagement in or the activities involved in war, including invasion and general sabotage.

5. “Regional Discord” shall refer to the discord used as the official platform of communication for a region.

Article II - Mutual Non-Aggression

1. PRTCB and SLU shall enter a pact of mutual non-aggression.

2. PRTCB and SLU shall not engage in hostilities nor declare war against each other.

Article III - Diplomatic Ties

1. PRTCB again condemns the invasion of SLU by previous administrations, and seeks forgiveness and solidarity with SLU.

2. The SLU and PRTCB shall send at least one representative to each other’s Regional Discords to further friendship, diplomatic ties, and heal the wounds previously influenced by past administrations of PRTCB.

Article IV - Agreement Framework

1. This agreement shall go into a probationary phase upon being signed by the lead representatives of each region. During this phase, the agreement should be voluntarily executed by both regions. Either region may withdraw immediately from the agreement in the time between initial signing and ratification.

2. Each region shall ratify this agreement according to the laws and customs of the region. Upon ratification by both regions, this agreement shall become legally binding upon both regions immediately.

3. This agreement may be dissolved by mutual agreement from both parties or by unilateral withdrawal by one region. In the latter case, the agreement shall stay in place for two weeks from notification of withdrawal.

4. This agreement may be amended by mutual agreement by both parties.


Lil’Stapler, General Secretary of The People’s Republic of The Communist Bloc

Nathaniel Penrose, Minister of Foreign Affairs of The People’s Republic of The Communist Bloc

North American Republics, World Assembly Delegate of the Social Liberal Union

Goncar, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Social Liberal Union[/size]

*Note: This treaty was signed in 2018 and as such, the signatories were leaders then and is not accurate for current leaders.