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[Regional Law] LCN Treaty

The People’s Republic of The Communist Bloc and The Fourth Republic of the League of Conservative Nations Agreement for Inter - Regional Security & Co-Operation


Recognizing the need for bridging ideological differences to counter the common threats on NationStates, and declaring a common desire to uphold cooperative sovereignty and diplomacy, the People's Republic of the Communist Bloc and the Fourth Republic of the League of Conservative Nations declare the following accords.

Article I - Mutual Defense

1. In recognition of our joint goals and agendas in our opposition to our mutual enemies, we shall protect each other militarily and diplomatically in matters relating to the defeat of our mutual enemies.

2. In line with our pledge to defend our common goals, we shall not raid nor perform intelligence operations in either region, nor satellite regions.

3. During military operations of mutual importance, our regional forces shall work together to achieve our goals efficiently, and according to regional law.

Article II - Diplomatic Ties

4. Our regions have formed a strong bond of diplomatic friendship in our opposition to enemies of our states, and as such we shall send at least two high-ranking diplomats to each other for the purpose of ensuring continued dialogue.

5. The designated representatives of our regions shall meet as often as is applicable, to discuss our current mutual military and intelligence operations, and to ensure that no miscommunication occurs.

Article III - Intelligence Sharing

6. Our regions shall share operational intelligence, along with our current operations, in regions and other entities identified as mutual enemies.

7. Every two weeks, a meeting between the government heads of our regions shall occur to discuss common goals, and further cooperation.

Article IV - Agreement Framework

8. This agreement shall go into a probationary phase upon being signed by the lead representatives of each region. During this phase, the agreement should be voluntarily executed by both regions. Either region may withdraw immediately from the agreement in the time between initial signing and ratification.

9. Each region shall ratify this agreement according to the laws and customs of the region. Upon ratification by both regions, this agreement shall become legally binding upon both regions immediately.

10. This agreement may be dissolved by mutual agreement from both parties, or by unilateral withdrawal by one region. In the latter case, the agreement shall stay in place for two weeks from notification of withdrawal.

11. This agreement may be amended by mutual agreement by both parties.


x: Tarrin Kael, General Secretary of the PRTCB

x: Quebecshire, Chief Consul of the Republic of the LCN

x: Eminople, Prime Minister of the Republic of the LCN

30th of June, 2018