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by The Ministry of Information of the Communist Bloc. . 17 reads.

[Regional Law] Election Standards Act 2020

Election Standards Act 2020

An act to define regional election procedures, and strengthen the powers of the Overseers.

Now, therefore, BE IT ENACTED by the order of the glorious Constitution of the Revolutionary Republic, by and with the advice and consent of the Citizens of The Communist Bloc, in this present Legislative Committee assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows-

ARTICLE I - Definitions

(1) "Overseer" shall refer to the Election Overseer, as defined by the Constitution.

(2) "Campaign Telegram" shall refer to any Telegram sent on behalf of a candidate for an election.

Article II - Category

(3) This Act shall be classified as a Type I ADMINISTRATIVE law.

Article III - Electoral Rules

(4) All elections must be visible to the public.

  1. This does not infringe on the internal selection procedures of Speaker and Head Judiciary.

  2. A link to any on-going public election shall be pinned on the regional World Factbook Entry for the duration of the election.

    1. A copy of the content of the WFE and formatting tags shall be saved and archived by Election Overseers, should there be need to delete any part(s) of the WFE for the duration of the on-going election to make space for the pinning of the electionís link.

    2. The WFE must be restored to its previous version once the election period ends, unless personnel changes are made, in which case it may be updated.

(5) Should the technical ability exist, votes in election polls must be allowed to be withdrawn and/or changed.

  1. Should this be unable to be done, Overseers shall be in charge of withdrawing votes.

  2. The Citizen wishing to withdraw their vote must contact the Overseer and present their vote, in full via screenshot which contains who they voted for, and their Username.

    1. Should the citizens be unable to do so, they may not withdraw their votes.

    2. Overseers must present any withdrawn votes to the judiciary at the end of the election, to be examined for vote tampering.

(6) Elections will not be considered binding until an Overseer has announced the results.

  1. Overseers must announce the results within 24 hours.

    1. Failure to do so may be considered dereliction of duty.

(7) Citizenship applications will not be processed while voting for elections is taking place.

(8) Should a candidate ask for it, the Minister of Information will be responsible for sharing one campaign telegram per candidate via Telegram on the NationStates website.

  1. A disclaimer must be attached to the bottom of any Campaign Telegram which reads:
    "This telegram was sent in accordance with the Election Standards Act 2020. The Ministry of Information does not sponsor this or any other candidate. For a full list of candidates, or to sign up for this election, please visit [link to sign up for the relevant election]"

  2. Regional Telegrams must not be considered offensive and/or inflammatory, nor can they violate any of the rights outlined in the Constitution.

  3. Regional Telegrams may not be written on behalf of a candidate, except where (8) is true.

(9) Political Parties or Interest Groups may sponsor telegrams for candidates. Should this happen, a donation of Telegram Stamps equal or greater than the current number of nations within the Bloc must be made to The Communist Bloc.

  1. A message of sponsorship may also be added to the telegram, linking to the Party or Interest Groups sign up.

  2. Should a Party or Interest Group fail to sponsor a candidate, no mention of that Party or Interest Group may be made within a Regional Telegram.

    1. Except if the candidate is referring to relevant experience.

​(10) No candidate may falsely accuse any other candidate of lying, cheating, fraud or any other crime without evidence of such.

  1. If any candidate or citizen feels that another candidate has committed a crime, they must submit a legal challenge to the Judiciary or Overseers.

  2. No candidate, or supporter of a candidate, shall threaten to take forum action against another candidate without sufficient proof.

    1. Should an Overseer or member of the Judiciary consider a candidate or supporter is repeatedly abusing the right to take legal action, they may bar them from taking further legal action against a candidate until the election is over.

(11) No candidate may publicly insult other candidates or citizens for any personal reason.

(12) Candidates should not spam (defined as the excessive use of similar messages on the same or different threads) anywhere on the forum, excluding their own campaign thread, to promote their campaign.

(13) Should a position disallow certain officials, they must resign before standing for that position.

(14) Sign-ups for elections must contain the following information:

  1. Name

  2. Party or Organisation

  3. Position standing for

  4. Current positions held

(15) If following the closing of an election or by-election, the tally of votes of multiple options in an election or by-election tie for the last seat up for election, a run-off vote between the tied options will be immediately triggered.

  1. The run-off vote shall be open for 48 hours.

Article IV - Overseer Powers

(16) Overseers shall have the right to issue a cease and desist order for a period of no more than 6 hours, should they feel that campaigning is becoming toxic.

  1. This may be overturned by any citizen with the power to be Overseer

    1. Except where it is targeted at that Official, or;

    2. The election is for the office that gives them the authority to stand as Overseer.

  2. This power may be used to close the Regional Discussion channel on Discord should the behaviour continue.

  3. Overseers may recommend to Admins that repeat offenders receive longer bans.

(17) Should sufficient evidence of multiple Major Offenses or a Single Highest Offense be given in relation to a candidate, Overseers may halt an election for a period of no more than one week.

  1. The incumbent(s) for that election will retain the role.

  2. The Overseers must then present the evidence to the Judiciary immediately.

    1. Failure to do so may be considered anti-revolutionary and punishable as such.

    2. The Judiciary may, should they believe the evidence does not warrant halting the election, then move to continue the election.

    3. Overseers found abusing this power in a manner not considered Treasonous or Anti-Revolutionary may be banned from standing for office for a period of 6 months, per Peopleís Tribunalís decision and with a confirmation requiring a ĺ majority in the Legislative Committee.

      1. The Overseer involved may not vote on this in either the Legislative Committee or the Judiciary.

Article - Schedule

(18) This act shall be considered legally binding following majority assent from the Legislative Committee, as well as majority assent from the Peopleís Assembly.

Written and proposed by Martyn Kiryu