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Winter 2020 Midterms Handbook

Winter Midterm Election


House of Commons

Adomania (IND)
Angypt (TFP) - Incumbent
Bahnhof (IND) - Incumbent
Cirrus azale (IND) - Incumbent
Creckelenney (IND) - Incumbent
Ermica (LPT) - Incumbent
Evileia (SOL-GAY-UWU) - Incumbent
Kor sahab (SDU)
Mafsachufetts Bay (IND)
Peabodia (LPT)
The peoples caribbean union (IND)
Rhodesae (SDU)
Sevae (IND) - Incumbent
Snowflame (TFP) - Incumbent
Tavallo (IND)
Trist paradise (SOL) - Incumbent
United states of edingbridge (LPT)
Zon island (TFP) - Incumbent

*DO indicates Dropped Out

Campaign Factbooks

I'm Ermica, running for Senate this time!
As someone who has some experience in Thaecian government, I am trying to run for Senate under the TCU. I have been fortunate enough to serve as Assistant Electoral Commissioner, 3 term MP, and Shadow Speaker of the House of Commons. I'm always willing to help any Thaecian in need, and I would love to continue serving the region that has given me so much. As always, feel free to contact me through telegram or on Discord.

Ermica smashing libs on the Discord server

I chose to join the Thaecian Conservative Union because I believe it represents my views the best. Personally, I value transparency and honesty over all else when it comes to elected officials. That's why I will explain a few of my beliefs to you, the people of Thaecia.

-Foreign Policy: I am an isolationist. While I think interregional cooperation has some positives, I think that Thaecian interests and struggles should always come first.
-Congressional Confirmations: I support moving judicial confirmations to the House and Minister confirmations to the Senate. This change would speed up the House and improve efficiency.
-Recruitment: I support current recruitment efforts.

I want to make the Senate as effective as it can be. We've seen some petty behavior and a lack of dignity among some elected officials in the past, and I want the Senate to be a place of respect and cooperation. Vote for Ermica, for a better Senate.

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Hello, my fellow Thaecians. I've declared my candidacy for the House of Commons, for a non-consecutive term. My career in Thaecia is important because of my support for the progression of the general welfare of Thaecia and this time, I would try my best to do my job seriously and to focus on major tasks as Congressman if elected.


• Introduction of Baybayin, with the cooperation of the education and culture ministries, given that I'm from the Philippines
• Establishment of Baybayin Learning Program, to be managed by the ministries of culture and education and also I would be the one to supervise the program, along with helping the education and culture ministers in setting up the program


• Honorable Attorney of the Thaecian Bar Association (since August 2020)
• Congressman of Thaecia (August 30, 2020, to November 3, 2020; first term)


What I like in my life is to serve those who were in need. Being a servant is like sacrificing everything for the common good. Integrity should be the core of every servant's purpose, bound by oath or affirmation to uphold and defend the Constitution, and when I'm elected, I will do my best to pursue what is important for Thaecia. That's all folks. :)

Will go the extra mile to make you smile

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Hello again Thaecia! I still am Seva(e), and I am now an incumbent MP. In addition to that, I am now a former Minister of Communications and current Minister of World Assembly Affairs of Europeia. Both of my Europeian positions I have served in while also serving as MP and studying - and unfortunately also procrastinating a lot, which affected my studying a bit, but not my NS activity. Whether that's good or bad for me personally is for you to decide, but the fact remains that I fulfilled my campaign promises and was an active MP, amending some bills, questioning nominees, and of course always voting (no Abstain votes were cast by me and I skipped no bills or nominees for the entirety of the term). This term I plan to build on my success (and the House's success in general), while also, due to an abundance of free time that I will have (I'm on a break between semesters), proposing bills and constitutional amendments.

Now to my policies:
  1. Doing what I did last term - being civil, voting on all bills, proposing amendments to bills already proposed;

  2. Reduction of House size - 15 seats is definitely too much compared to the number of active citizens we have (this election there will not be a lot of competition either, which of course could lead to people who would eventually fall inactive or do not have a lot of commitment in the first place being elected). I am not sure whether it should be 13 or 11, but I will promise that the next House after this one will have at most 13 seats;

  3. Bringing Foreign Affairs under the jurisdiction of the President via constitutional amendment. Having observed the role of President, it is actually nothing more than just the role of delegate, without a lot of opportunities to influence anything (rather ironic, considering the delegate gains a lot of the gameside "Influence" stat). Therefore, I propose moving Foreign Affairs for the Head of State to control, where it should be. Of course the current term not being affected. I also support Hulldom's proposal about allowing the President to create an official World Assembly Council, I would merely go further in changing the President's role;

  4. Looking at the Constitution to see what else can be improved;

  5. Looking at possibilities how roleplay legislation can be better handled, seeing as it usually is (rightfully) at the bottom of the docket and is not likely to be passed anytime soon with the current system. A separate roleplay legislation chamber? Well, some people have already opposed that, but I'm sure I can think of an alternative that would leave most people satisfied;

  6. Should the Election Commissioner have to deal with Speaker/Chair selection? Also a good question, for now I lean against that and would be in favour of the MPs/Senators taking care of that autonomously. Would that make things chaotic? Perhaps, but I still think we could try that, simply because the current system puts too much pressure on the EC and is rather slow;

  7. Not a policy, but a side note: I would be willing to serve as Deputy Speaker, but I will be not be seeking Speakership, Snowflame has done a 110% great job. A policy out of this - I would support removing the Shadow Speaker position, it is a remain of partisanship that serves no real purpose as of now.

Thank you whoever reads this, I would be honoured to have your vote! Also, I endorse Snowflame for reelection, as well as Ermica, Rivogna, Zon island, and Tavallo. No matter who you vote for, vote on Election day, it is going to be a great ride!

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Hello, I Tavallo will be seeking election tp the House of Commons for the region of Thaecia. My core beliefs are simple, I believe in the rule of law; politicians are elected to serve the people. The regional populace has chosen us to not only represent them but to fight for their common welfare. When we fail, we fail the region. The reason we seek office is to fairly represent the people, not ourselves. We are a proud and diverse region, and it’s important that our regional government reflects this.

To summarize the various actions and successes I have made in the House:

1. Supported the establishment of a regional military force, for the protection of all regional citizens and to assert Thaecia's role in NationStates as a powerful and well-defended region.

2. Introduced a bill and/or work alongside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the establishment of a "Scouting Department" in which regional officers oversee various potential regions that we can form bilateral relations with. Although this ultimately failed to take off, I'm proud that I fought for it and exerted an extraordinary amount of energy in defending it.

4. Assisted Senator Brothoth in passing an amendment to L.R. 30.

5. Participated in all Cabinet confirmation hearings, asking questions to better understand which nominees deserved to serve within the Executive Cabinet. This included giving Peabodia a chance to answer some very important questions and explain his positions, in a nomination process that was both very controversial and heavily contested.

6. Actively debated against the Congressional Reduction Act, and although unsuccessful I believe I proved my worth in standing up for my beliefs even when faced with a majority opposition.

7. Was the spiritual Shadow Speaker of the House, representing minority opinions in Thaecia within the House against the majority opposition. I never backed down from a fight nor did I give into the majority no matter how much I was criticized.

I would love to serve this region once more and pick things up from where I left off. Thaecia is such a wonderful region, and there's a reason why I returned to it. I hope you can give me this chance to prove what a dedicated and loyal Congressman I can be!

Vote to preserve our democratic principles. Vote Tavallo!

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Hi, I am Zon island and i am currently a MP in the House of Commons running to be re-elected to the House of Commons for a 8th term, as I want to continue to contribute to Thaecia by serving Thaecia in the House of Commons and also because i want to continue to help build Thaecia for everyone.

What I hope to accomplish if re-elected

1.Continue reading any bill or piece of legislation that comes before me with an open mind and not missing any votes during my term.

2.Getting my Amendment to LR024 Parliament Procedure Act passed.

What I have done this term.
1.Not missing any vote during my term.

2. Supporting the establishment of a regional military.

Who I Endorse

Quick Biography
I was the Chief Welcome Officer in the Ministry of Interior and later became the head of the Begginers Guidance Department in the newly formed Ministry of Home Affairs. I am a member of the Thaecia Freedom Party and also currently a member of the house for 7 terms and i seeking to be elected to a 8th term.

Campaign slogan:

And I will end it here...

#Vote for Zon island in HOC election!
#Every vote counts!


Thanks for your time, if you have any question please telegram me Zon island

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Happening live on the Thaecia Discord, so join in and ask the candidates some questions, DM/TG (@Volchok#8727 / Taungu) if you have any questions to ask!

Head over to this website to find the transcripts for each of the debates!

LinkDebate Database Site

Will be updated and moved over for your viewing convenience some time after the actual debate to allow for the flash ending poll to gain a little steam!