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Rejectmas Scavenger Hunt

★ Card Scavenger Hunt ★

It’s time for holiday cards! No, don’t worry, you don’t need to write and send any. Rejectmas isn’t that kind of holiday. Your task is instead to collect cards to fill specific themes.

Here’s a list of cards to try and hunt! You can fill the list in with cards you already have, by finding cards on your nations, and by buying cards. You can only use one category per card, and the hunt closes 2nd January.

Once you’ve got a card for every item on the list, fill in the list like in the spoiler below. It’s okay to use cards on a puppet, as long as you let me know the puppet name so I can check you actually own the card. Then send me your list to be entered into a draw for a (polar) Bears Armed legendary card!

There’s also a forum thread if you want to keep track of how your list is getting filled out!

★ The List ★

  • A snowy card

  • A nation in the region Christmas

  • A menorah on a card

  • A gift on a card

  • A card with something you’d personally like as a gift!

  • A card with fire on it

  • A flag with both green and red

  • An animated flag

  • A card with the Issues Author badge (gift)

  • A card that looks cosy

  • An evergreen tree on a card

  • A card with the “Most Devout” badge (angel)

  • A star of David on a card

  • A nation that you hope the world will be like next year

  • The sun on a card

  • A commended card

  • A card with an angel

  • A weapon on a card (to use in the war against Christmas)

  • A card with the “Most Compassionate” badge (heart)

  • A deer (rein or otherwise) on a card

  • A card with something you’d personally eat at the holidays

  • A card you got as a gift

  • A compulsory consumerist state

  • A star on a card

  • A card that makes you happy!