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Rejectmas Flag Contest

★ Rejectmas Flag Concert ★

Rejectmas is all about being a Reject, and what could be more symbolic of Rejecthood than our flag? This Rejectmas, let's celebrate by making our own flags - the winner, chosen by vote, will have their flag flown over the region on New Year's Day!

There are only three rules for your flag:

  • Should contain some kind of symbol of the Rejected Realms - maybe the star, the unicorn, or the colour purple?

  • Nothing offensive or otherwise against site rules

  • Shouldn't represent another NS region or organization

How to enter

You can enter between the 26th and 30th of December. Upload your flag to an image hosting site like imgur, and then telegram me the link!

On the 31st December, the region will vote on the best flag out of the entries.

And on the 1st of January 2021, the winnerís flag will fly proud over the Rejected Realms!