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Reich Faith and Religion

The Temple Flag is composed of the life rune in white, death rune in black, the blood link between them in red, and is bordered by blue and green signifying the ocean and vital earth which all living things depend on. Together the flag shows the symbiosis between all.
"The heaviest blow that ever struck humanity was the coming of Christianity. Bolshevism is Christianity's illegitimate child. Both are inventions..."

Our Faith is in the Designer which is the architect of all things known and unknown to modern science, and the Designer's scientific blueprint for creation. The Great Design is perfect and works as intended outside of the bounds of humanity's tampering with the process. We have three branches of study and missions to complete. It is our primary mission to re-establish the genetics of Germanian peoples as originally intended by geographical separation, correct where we can these abominations of miscegenation or prevent them from continuation as a subspecies, and the genetic renewal of the individual to correct damage to organs, structure and tissues. We will strengthen these bonds through Eugenics. Our secondary mission is the destruction of Genetically Modified animals and plant life and replacement with Blueprint originals. The last branch of study and mission focuses on repairing environmental damage through green ecology as a social endeavor of the state as a whole.

We believe and strive for the total conversion of the Germanian peoples to the worldview that our religion provides as part of the all encompassing National Socialist State

Our Temples are places of high science.

Irreligious ancestral traditions are also promoted and welcomed in the Reich such as Ancestor remembrance, Solstice, and other Germanian family traditions