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The Rejected Times Brief News III - Officer Elections, Announcement, and SC Shakeup

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Brief News III | 24/12/2020

Editor-in-Chief: Agalaesia
Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Vincey

Officer Elections Conclude in the Rejected Realms

NEWS | WRITTEN BY Agalaesia | EDITED BY Glacikaldr

The Rejected Realms' December 2020 Officer elections concluded on the 9th of December, with Nakari, Jamie, Robespierre, and Nequedum emerging victorious, in that order. Nakari was assigned the role of Officer of Culture, Nequedum made Officer of Foreign Affairs, Jamie given Officer of the World Assembly, and Robespierre assigned as "Officer without Portfolio".

The elections were highly competitive, with Kral and Minskiev also running.

Robespierre, the former Outreach and Culture Officer of the Rejected Realms ran on their August platform to make changes to the structure of the Foreign Affairs department in NationStates, while bringing up the idea of a "World Assembly Bloc," stating that they "are open to the idea." You can view their campaign here: Linkviewtopic.php?f=98&t=10031799

Nakari, a former Prime Minister of the South Pacific and narrator of the well known NationStates tale "GTFTS," ran for the Officer of Culture spot. Amongst many other promises, Nakari pledged to introduce "themed music nights," where people can chill and listen to music and to re-introduce monthly contests. You can view their campaign here: Linkviewtopic.php?f=98&t=10031808

Nequedum, a former Officer of Culture and Media, ran on a Foreign Affairs platform. Nequedum pledged to form a "Security Council Defender Bloc," and promised to go about re-building his outreach initiative which gives advice to founderless regions, and provides advice to other regions in general.

Lastly, Jamie ran for the positions of World Assembly Officer and Foreign Affairs Officer. For Foreign Affairs, Jamie stated the following in their campaign:

"Another idea that I would like to implement would be a 'Diplomacy Cluster' of sorts where more than one ambassador/diplomat would be appointed to our GCR and allied friends as this would allow increasing our interaction with them. My vision for this is, in addition to the normal ambassador who posts the foreign updates as required, we would have one or two more individuals - depending on what is feasible of course. These individuals would be tasked with focusing on interacting with these regions in more detail - primarily through discord and interaction but also any other opportunities that arise (e.g. inter-regional events)."

For the World Assembly Officership, Jamie stated that they would like to further the use of dispatches and include opinions of people from other regions in the recommendation dispatches.

An Announcement from the Editor-in-Chief


Here at TRT, we like awarding people for their hard work. This means that we will, as usual, be giving out awards for the best authors, articles, and contributors. Some of them will be given out by the staff, and others will be given out by readers like you!

This December, we will be handing out the Pulitzer Prize, the Kogvuron Award, The Golden Quill Prize, and the Reader's Choice Award for Best Article.

There will be an announcement made shortly surrounding all other prizes, however, the only one that will involve reader input will be the Reader's Choice Award for Best Article.

This award is handed to the nation who has written the reader's favourite article. The article and author that this is awarded to will be decided by the readers in two phases, the nomination phase, and the voting phase.

Readers can nominate any article published in 2020 to be featured in the vote, which will be decided in a vote on our forums.

To nominate an article, please telegram Agalaesia with the title of the article and a link to the edition it was published in.

Security Council Rules See Shakeup

NEWS | WRITTEN BY Crowheim | EDITED BY Glacikaldr

The Security Council of the World Assembly recently received a new set of rules to guide and govern nations authoring and proposing items to the legislative body. Several notable changes were made from the previously adhered to standards.

The contents of many rules remained the same, however, they were reordered in the rule list.

The author of the new rules, Sedgistan, also made several minor changes to the ruleset. While these changes are unlikely to warp the way the legislative body works, their impact remains to be seen.

Ultimately, the ruleset was predominantly agreed upon and then approved by the site moderators.

These reforms passed and the new rule set was implemented on Sunday, December 20th, 2020.

NOTE: The Rejected Times does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Rejected Realms.

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