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St Abbaddon Criminal Codex

St Abbaddon Criminal Codex

The region of St Abbaddon has a clear guidance for our judicial process thanks to our Constitution. This Security Council Resolution will provide better security measures for our Security Council, and Lord Reaper in the areas of World Assembly Laws, Security Laws, and setting a course going forward for our region. In each of these categories will lay out a clear, and precise plan. The Criminal Codex will be added onto Article V of the High Court in our regional Constitution.

Note: Some sections apply to regional ambassadors, and guests from other regions.

World Assembly Security

Being a member of the World Assembly here in the region of St Abbaddon is a major role, and responsibility to take on. Being in the World Assembly, and endorsing our Elders, and sitting Delegate is mandatory. This regional satisfaction must be met no longer than 3 days of joining the World Assembly or you will face ejection the first time. If this is committed a second time, then that nation shall be banned.

Once that World Assembly nation has endorsed the Delegate, and the Supreme Council of Elders, it is their responsibility to ensure they aren’t breaking the World Assembly Endorsement Cap determined by the sitting World Assembly Delegate, and Chief Elder. If that nation violates it by accident or one time, they will be asked to correct themselves by either resigning from the World Assembly, and rejoining. Second option is to have members un endorse them. If they refuse to do so, or break the rules again they shall face a possible ejection, or ban from the region.
Note:This does not apply to the Supreme Council of Elders as their role is ensure the safety, and guardianship of the region.

If any nation wants to hold a position on the Supreme Council, or Outer Council, they must be in the World Assembly endorsing the sitting WA Delegate, and the Supreme Council. This can be waived by the current WA Delegate, or Supreme Council if they are a Defender, or serving as a World Assembly Delegate of anther region. Holding a position in St Abbaddon is a commitment an individual must make for the region.

Spamming the RMB or Discord

Roleplaying on the Regional Message Board, or discord are totally acceptable. Having polite conversations on both is acceptable. Spamming, and spreading filth on the Dream World, or St Abbaddon property will not be tolerated. Below are some examples;

•Making back to back small post more than 3 times.
•Threatening harm to another player, or to self.
•Threatening to over throw the rightful government of St Abbaddon.
•Forcing beliefs, or flaming up another player.
•Demanding to be appointed to a government role upon arrival.

There are more examples, and the government of St Abbaddon is charged with handling all Inter Character, and out of Character incidents. You can be ejected, and banned for breaking our peaceful regional rules on the RMB, Telegram, or Discord.

Equal Opportunity

Every rule breaker in St Abbaddon shall have the opportunity to present their side of the story as long as they are respectful to the Supreme Council, and the World Assembly Delegate. Each punishment shall be discussed between the Delegate, and the Supreme Council most of the time. There are exceptions to this rule as it is discussed in the next section.

Emergency Authority

The World Assembly Delegate, and the sitting Supreme Council of Elders may use this power at any given time for several cases. This is the eject, and ban authority in these kind of cases.

•Possible Raiders in the Region.
•Nations intending to overthrow the government, or new nations are constantly demanding a government position without proving their worth.
•Any OOC incident that harms the regions, or discord’s communities. This includes St Abbaddon, and Dream World.
•Anything that destroys the peace, and tranquility of our region.

Right to Pardon, or Grant Clemency

The current World Assembly Delegate, or any current Supreme Council of Elders may issue a pardon, or grant clemency to an individual with a Council vote approving the matter. That does not mean if you get banned, or punished that you should beg one these members for a pardon. It will be ignored, and noted.

In Conclusion

The regions of St Abbaddon, and Dream World are peaceful regions, and communities. Being in this region is a commitment, and a privilege. Each member will have full protections mentioned in our constitution, and follow all the regional laws. It should never have to come to these measures as mentioned above, but sometimes it happens. The World Assembly Delegate, and The Supreme Council of Elders are tasked with protecting, preserving, and governing our region we call home. Each member takes their respective positions seriously, and serve to make a good, and memorable chapter in regional history. So be nice!