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NS Users I am familiar with (Very much a WIP)

This is one of those card collection I wanted to make but don't have enough room for.
In the past I put anyone I was familiar with on forums in my "Awesome NationStates Users collection", which undermines the Users I find Awesome. The most valuable Users to me in the "Awesome NationStates Users" collection are those that I have the best relationship with on NS. These would be 073 (Poppy), Rain Delay, Loli County, and Hakinda Herseyi Duymak istiyorum. Valentine Z is also a valuable one as he is extremely nice and caring but I haven't talked to them one on one like the other four. Other users I added in that collection are those that have made very useful things and those that I find very cool but never talked to. Arumdaum is a user that I find pretty cool and he has translated something for me and works hard in his region.

This collection are users I'm familiar with from forums or RMBs.

Anyways, here is the collection.
1. Arlenton (I knew him on forums and had puppets in his region once too)
2. Hatsunia
3. italios
4. Novus America (I found him to be very well informed about things I had no clue about, too bad he left)
5. Caldariat
6. Icewraith Industries
7. Paradeavenlisian States
8. Pacomia
9. Duvniask
10. Galloism
11. Dumb Ideologies
12. Torrocca (Sas they left)
13. Diarcesia
14. Drongonia
15. Inkopolitia (cool dude, too bad they also left)
16. Amblibahdesh (I was familiar with him when I first joined NationStates years ago)
17. Thermodolia
18. Vassenor
20. Hinodia
21. Nakena (S1 and S2)
22. Aureumterra
23. Trollzyn the Infinite
24. Alpes a Septentrionali Imperium
25. Liberated Missouri (was in my ancap region)
26. Cantelo
27. Audioslavia
28. LiberNovusAmericae (Another cool dude that left NationStates)
29. Britamcanzeastralia (talked to him a few times in my old region of Carolingia, he left and I miss him a lot)
30. Gormwood
40. Necroghastia
41. Boring People

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