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Rejectmas 2020!


[background-block=#7E60D4][Size=200][center][color=white][b]★ Rejectmas 2020 ★[/b][/color][/center][/size][/background-block]

[size=120]Every year, from 26th December to 1st January, the Rejected Realms celebrates Rejectmas. This is a holiday to celebrate being a Reject! (Though non-Rejects are welcome to join in, of course.) We’ve got plenty of activities to join in, so I hope we can give this year a somewhat decent ending at least![/size]

[size=120]Links will be added on the 26th, but so you have an idea what we’ll be doing, here are the activities planned:[/size]


[list][*][size=120][b]Lord of Misrule:[/b] bizarre and completely arbitrary rules for the Regional Message Board.[/size]
[*][size=120][b]Card Scavenger Hunt:[/b] You’ve got seven days to farm, buy or otherwise find cards that fit this festive list![/size]
[*][size=120][b]Flag contest:[/b] Design a flag to celebrate the Rejected Realms. At the end of the year we’ll vote on the best one, and the winning flag will fly over TRR on New Year’s Day![/size][/list]


[list][*][size=120][b]Movie Night:[/b] We’re gonna watch Home Alone together, cause a bunch of us are probably home alone right now. Join us at 11pm UTC/6pm EST on the 29th December! (Unless a bunch of people complain about the time :P )[/size]
[*][size=120][b]Popmaster:[/b] Okay so this isn’t actually Rejectmas-themed, but Popmaster is such a big part of Rejected Realms culture now that it felt like it should count! It’s a game where songs are played and people compete to be the first to guess the song and artist. We will be having a game on 26th December, time and theme TBA so keep an eye out![/size][/list]


[list][*][size=120][b]Decorate the Rejectmas Tree:[/b] We’ve been decorating this tree for four years now. I’ve gotten it down from the attic and put all the old decorations on, but now it’s time for you to add your own ornaments! - [url=][/url][/size]
[*][size=120][b]AI Dungeon:[/b] Help us guide a character through a randomly-generated adventure! - [url=][/url][/size]
[*][size=120][b]4th Annual Chess Competition:[/b] It’s going to be just like The Queen’s Gambit, but sexier and with better camerawork. - [url=][/url][/size][/list]