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Rejectmas 2020!

★ Rejectmas 2020 ★

Every year, from 26th December to 1st January, the Rejected Realms celebrates Rejectmas. This is a holiday to celebrate being a Reject! (Though non-Rejects are welcome to join in, of course.) We’ve got plenty of activities to join in, so I hope we can give this year a somewhat decent ending at least!

Links will be added on the 26th, but so you have an idea what we’ll be doing, here are the activities planned:


  • Lord of Misrule: bizarre and completely arbitrary rules for the Regional Message Board.

  • Card Scavenger Hunt: You’ve got seven days to farm, buy or otherwise find cards that fit this festive list!

    ★ Card Scavenger Hunt ★

    It’s time for holiday cards! No, don’t worry, you don’t need to write and send any. Rejectmas isn’t that kind of holiday. Your task is instead to collect cards to fill specific themes.

    Here’s a list of cards to try and hunt! You can fill the list in with cards you already have, by finding cards on your nations, and by buying cards. You can only use one category per card, and the hunt closes 2nd January.

    Once you’ve got a card for every item on the list, fill in the list like in the spoiler below. It’s okay to use cards on a puppet, as long as you let me know the puppet name so I can check you actually own the card. Then send me your list to be entered into a draw for a (polar) Bears Armed legendary card!

    There’s also a forum thread if you want to keep track of how your list is getting filled out!

    ★ The List ★

    • A snowy card

    • A nation in the region Christmas

    • A menorah on a card

    • A gift on a card

    • A card with something you’d personally like as a gift!

    • A card with fire on it

    • A flag with both green and red

    • An animated flag

    • A card with the Issues Author badge (gift)

    • A card that looks cosy

    • An evergreen tree on a card

    • A card with the “Most Devout” badge (angel)

    • A star of David on a card

    • A nation that you hope the world will be like next year

    • The sun on a card

    • A commended card

    • A card with an angel

    • A weapon on a card (to use in the war against Christmas)

    • A card with the “Most Compassionate” badge (heart)

    • A deer (rein or otherwise) on a card

    • A card with something you’d personally eat at the holidays

    • A card you got as a gift

    • A compulsory consumerist state

    • A star on a card

    • A card that makes you happy!

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  • Flag contest: Design a flag to celebrate the Rejected Realms. At the end of the year we’ll vote on the best one, and the winning flag will fly over TRR on New Year’s Day!

    ★ Rejectmas Flag Concert ★

    Rejectmas is all about being a Reject, and what could be more symbolic of Rejecthood than our flag? This Rejectmas, let's celebrate by making our own flags - the winner, chosen by vote, will have their flag flown over the region on New Year's Day!

    There are only three rules for your flag:

    • Should contain some kind of symbol of the Rejected Realms - maybe the star, the unicorn, or the colour purple?

    • Nothing offensive or otherwise against site rules

    • Shouldn't represent another NS region or organization

    How to enter

    You can enter between the 26th and 30th of December. Upload your flag to an image hosting site like imgur, and then telegram me the link!

    On the 31st December, the region will vote on the best flag out of the entries.

    And on the 1st of January 2021, the winner’s flag will fly proud over the Rejected Realms!

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  • Movie Night: We’re gonna watch Home Alone together, cause a bunch of us are probably home alone right now. Join us at 11pm UTC/6pm EST on the 29th December! (Unless a bunch of people complain about the time :P )

  • Popmaster: Okay so this isn’t actually Rejectmas-themed, but Popmaster is such a big part of Rejected Realms culture now that it felt like it should count! It’s a game where songs are played and people compete to be the first to guess the song and artist. We will be having a game on 26th December, time and theme TBA so keep an eye out!


The Endorse Minskiev of Budgie Snugglers