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Serpens Land
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Updated: December 2020

Diachen Territory often just called Diachen is a metropolitan area and dependant territory of Serpens Land located in central Argus. Diachen shares a land border with Keverai, and is one of two dependant territories administered by Serpens Land - the other being the North Mesder Island Territories. As a dependant territory, Diachen has limited control of it's own domestic affairs. All foreign affairs of Diachen are administered by the government of Serpens Land.

The territory of modern Diachen encompasses the the island of Diachen, West Point, the Central Territories, and the Upper Territories. The main central business district (CBD) of Diachen is centred around the Central Territories, and Diachen Island.

Diachen was largely undeveloped when the British Western Isles Company purchased the territory in 1858. The British Western Isles Company began a period of rapid development on the island as it saw it as a valuable trading post for Argus. Until 1923, the company administered the majority of government functions on the island.

Diachen saw a large amount of migration from Serpens Land and other parts of British Western Isles starting at the beginning of the 20th century. Many Serpens Land businesses also began to operate in Diachen due to its proximity to Argus.

In 1923, the British Western Isles Company - who's headquarters were in Fort Charlotte - was nationalised by the Serpens Land government. As a result of nationalisation, Serpens Land gained direct control of the company's previous territories, including Diachen and the Westmoor Isles. A governor and an eleven-man legislative council were appointed to govern the territory.

Construction on the Mortimer Bridge began in 1934. Before then, the only link from Diachen to mainland Keverai was via ferry. The construction of the bridge was heavily endorsed by the Governor of Diachen, Vincent Farrell. The brige was finally finished in 1939, five years after construction began.

After the restoration of the Serpens Land monarchy in 1965, Diachen underwent many government reforms, most notably the establishment of an elected body in the government. The modern government of Diachen is run by the elected Legislative Council. The most senior elected position is the First Minister, who must retain confidence from the Legislative Council in order to govern. Executive power in Diachen is held by the Governor, who is appointed by the monarch of Serpens Land.

In the late 20th century, Diachen was transformed into a prosperous, modern city. It has become a signifigant fincancial centre and trading port with low taxes and free trade. Many major Serpens Land cooperations have their headquarters in Diachen, inlcuding the Royal Bank of Diachen, and Ultra Marine Shipping Ltd. In addition, 2/3 of Serpens Land's merchant shipping fleet is registered in Diachen.

The government of Serpens Land is responsible for the defence and foreign affairs of Diachen. All three branches of the Serpens Land Armed Forces maintain a permanent presence in the territory. The Serpens Land Armed Forces is supplimented by the Royal Diachen Volunteer Corps - a reserve unit of the Serpens Land Army based in Diachen. To this day, the government of Shythania still maintains it's claim to Diachen.







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RSLS Vanguard (later HSLMS Vanguard) on her way to Diachen during the Serpens Land-Shythanian War.

Earliest known painting of Diachen. (unkown artist)

Gardener Bay, the body of water in between Central Territories and Diachen Island.

Government House, the home of the Governor of Diachen.

Helmfried International Airport.

Headquarters of the Royal Bank of Diachen.

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